Monday, November 3, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 11/2/2014 - 11/8/2014

Hello fellow TV Addicts! As always, this is our place to discuss all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


mj said...

Wow. No one chatting today? Heard they cancelled A to Z. I liked that show. Oh well.

Mike V. said...

People sure are quiet! Agreed.

I saw that on A-Z. We fell 2 behind, but will probably just skip them now. I liked it too.

Marry Me has been funny. Actually, I think I'm one behind on that too.

I'm 45 minutes into Grimm. I need to start giving myself more time in the mornings to get through a whole episode! lol (although with recapping TWD also, it's tough! lol) Interesting way to ressurect Renard. His mother used "Jumper Cables" on him so to speak! lol

Definitely sounds like Wu will get in the know soon. Or it'll be a season long plot to try and keep him in the dark. This may be another case where I'll learn more in the final 15. lol And of course Juliette doesn't want Nick to be a grimm anymore! Just delay/draw that out even longer. lol

Scandal - I watched this too...but always forget a lot over the weekend. Oh right..Olivia kept Jake alive by telling Fitz there's hope. That P.O.'d her Dad.

ONCE - Little bit of a stretch with Belle's storyline....are they suggesting that the whole reason she went to Rumple in the first place was to save her home from Ogres? So has she just been pretending to be in love?

Snow Queen is looking to wipe out all non-magic creatures and just keep Emma and Elsa? What about Regina?

I know no one is watching this, and still wonder why I am! But, it still is at least something I'm getting away with watching while Parker is awake. Though he did question what happened to Anna when she fell off a cliff 50 feet and then disappeared into a cloud of frozen white smoke. lol

Sleepy Gotham Blacklist tonight!

Anonymous said...

Forever--another decent ep. I'm glad they're not forcing a romantic relationship yet.

Blacklist--looking forward to tonight, only 2 eps left before break.


Anonymous said...

Gotham, a great ep. Falcone on anarchy is so right on. Maybe Jim believes him now. I like Falcone. Interesting with penguin being a double agent and keeping Gordon alive--lol. And penguin can read people.


Anonymous said...

Blacklist--wow, yea Zoe is Berlin's daughter


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when the ship showed up with Tom in it. WTD and stairs with no railings–yes, it reminded me of the set of the 60s show, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea–lol. BTW, for those who haven’t been on ships they use railings on all stairs since the ship rolls with the waves and weather.

And Liz said Berlin sent Tom and the discussion with them should settle that issue.

The big reveal of course is Zoe being the daughter and no body parts missing! Which makes it a mystery of who is trying to mess with Berlin and/or Red? Looks like the Stewmaker didn’t get to her either.

I am getting so tired of the Ressler stuff.

Interesting that Liz wanted Red to kill Berlin vs FBI involvement, wonder how she’ll feel when she finds out he didn’t? Makes me question who she’s working for?


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - I think most people assumed this girl was Berlin's daughter, right? At least it didn't come as too surprising to us. lol And that's coming from someone who continues to nod off during episodes!

Ressler stuff definitely getting old. Network TV knows how to milk a painkiller addiction or whatever it is.

Of course I must note that we're in November Sweeps and we came into contact with #22 on the Blacklist while most of the season we've been hovering in the 100s. Seems like they're sticking with the trend as predicted. So, do we think the season finale this year will be #8 on the Blacklist since Berlin is 9?

Can't believe we're at the mid-season finale already. Figured they'd go at least 1 more week before TG then call it a half season. I could use the break on Mondays though. Too many shows!

Gotham - I agree it was really good. Funny that I finished watching this AFTER Blacklist and wasn't nodding off as much. lol I thought the whole "REVEAL" that Penguin knew all of this was going to happen so he could be a double agent for Falcone was a bit heavy handed. Do we think the writers REALLY planned that from the beginning or shoehorned it in? lol That said, still adds a layer of complexity and will make things interesting on the show.

Sleepy - "I must Internet immediately!" followed by a dial-up modem sound. lol Good times. I thought for a brief second they may kill off being November Sweeps and all. But I certainly knew better that they'd find some ridiculous relic from the past to save her. Those forefathers (SP) really thought things out for every scenario they've come across! lol I'm not complaining, I think it's hysterical and part of the show's charm. Nice that Abbie brought the calvary in, but still don't think that new chief is trustworthy.

Hints of redemption for Jeremy. I guess it could happen! Noble is so good at playing both good and evil they could flip flop his role with ease. lol

Homeland - Good episode of a bad season...not much else I can say! The last 10 minutes were pretty intense but I saw the death coming a mile away. And then Carrie developed feelings for this dude? Is that the only way to describe her ordering a hit that would kill Saul too??? This show needs to be put out of its misery. I guess they're in on the joke of critiquing Carrie's actions within the show, but they still put her in that situation. And led to them finding what'shisface Terrorist dude...but surely they could've done it another way. I wonder who Carrie will sleep with next season to solve the crime!?

MJ said...

No Blacklist. SIGH. had to watch my team stink up monday night football.

Marry Me - I actually had 5 things taping at that time so could not check that out.

Grimm - LOL on the jumper cables. It's been weird seeing the guy who is Tom on Scandal who set Jake up being the Jumper Cable wesen. Rats - yuck ! I'm waiting for mama Grimm to come back.

Sleepy - yeah loved the dial up noise - took me back. i hope they don't redeem Henry too soon though. Not sure about the captain yet - I have stated in the past that she actually doesn't know what is going on so hard for her to be on board. Interesting to see what she will be when she has more info. The whoe Katrina knocked up with evil by her son was a little yucky. But yeah - i don't look for logic - I just go with the fun.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--yea Zoe as Berlin's daughter was being telegraphed but doesn't make sense on a detailed level, due to age for example and she has all her body parts. But that was explained away as a mysterious person setting it all up.

Berlin is 8 and I'm expecting we'll see number 7 after the break,maybe the mysterious person above.


Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Apparently the hard core fans are blaming the ratings decline on the whole plot focus on Katrina and even Henry. REALLY??? I'm fine with whatever story they tell as long as the Crane/Abbie dynamic is still in play. I guess they're not seeing as much of Jenny as they like too. But considering the ratings are still solid when you include DVR, I think there's more to it than that. It will be interesting to see how Katrina being with them will mess with the chemistry though.

Blacklist - Okay, he's 8. Like I suggested before, I'm guessing they'll save those "Top 10" numbers for season I doubt we'll get a #7 right after the break. But you never know.

Mike V. said...

Election Night screwed up lots of my recordings! Granted, it's probably why they didn't air Agents of Shield and aired that Marvel 75 years from pulp to pop...but I was getting into it and it cut off to show PA Governor's concession speech. lol

Same thing happened on About a Boy. argh.


I'll hold off on the big commentary for now, but I have to say that I'm a little peeved Sutter said in that interview we could expect a death in Ep 9 and on top of that...we saw the episode was 2 hours and 15 minutes on the TiVo which I assumed meant there was an Anarchy Afterword....combining all of that with the abduction of Bobby a couple weeks ago, it was pretty easy to figure out A. When something was going to happen and B. who it was going to happen to.

It was still emotional, but I think the edge of the shock was kinda gone because of that stuff. So, I apologize for sharing that interview information on this blog! :-)

We also just realized we'll be in Disney for the Series Finale! arrrghhh lol No way we won't get spoiled.

And we had to turn off Anarchy Afterword after 5 painful minutes. The host is awful...and the actor that plays Bobby wasn't helping things either. lol

Anonymous said...

Scorpion--a good ep, but my wife and I are getting tired of some of the formula and the over complex nature of some things. The last ep was too unfocused for it to be a great ep. I was glad the Dad wanted to see the boy.

Shield-was it on last night. Mine didn't even schedule it, at least I don't think?


Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Richard, per my above response, nope it wasn't on. Election Coverage and they put that Marvel special on too...probably so it could get interrupted by election coverage. SUCCESS!

Mike V. said...

Justified - Frank Lapidus (Jeff Fahey) will be in the final season of Justified. :)

MJ said...

Blacklist - finally got to watch ! Knew food truck girl would not be Red's kid. LOL on the stairs (or ladders) not having rails.

Sleepy - really ? they blame the decline on Henry too ? maybe Katrina - sine they don't give her much to do - but I'm fine with her. I know that a recapper i read sometimes keeps harping on the fact that she's supposed to be such a powerful witch but is in constant need of rescuing - which the show DID explain as there was a hex put on that house that weakened her magic.

SOA - SIGH Nope - did not watch. Will tonight though. And I have avoided you comments. LOL I will def make sure I watch the finale on that night though. Baby sitting my 2 great nieces for a few hours tonight (6 and 1) so I'm sure to be exhausted. LOL But will def get SOA in.

I still haven't watched last week's Scandal nor this weeks Gotham. i did tape that marvel special though.

Scorpion - at least they didn't have to prove themselves again.

Election coverage better not have messed up Mindy Project !!!

Justified - oh I love Jeff Fahey !

Mike V. said...

SOA (nonspoiler)- Not sure if you saw my comment but we definitely won't be able to watch the finale the night it airs because we'll be in Disney! lol Sure, I'll have my iPad with us which we could download from the TiVo but there's no way we'll be awake enough to watch. Maybe one night if the kids are asleep early. lol

Sleepy - Yeah I don't get it. John Noble is awesome! Makes sense about Katrina and the hex. Never really thought about it too much. lol

Marvel Special - I'm sure yours will cut out around the 45 minute mark too for election coverage! lol

Anonymous said...

MJ, yea I forgot you're Navy. You wouldn't believe how many people thought that set was a ship just due to WTD door Tom was behind. And the stairs as you know were too wide. I can't imagine how much you may pick off of that set--lol. And can you imagine the beam of the ship(very small) compared to the size of that set.


Mike V. said...

AHS - Not much to comment on. The episode was entertaining enough. I do have a general comment about the season with the music choices. I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice that all of the "performances" at the circus, even that song in the gay bar in last night's episode all POST-date 1952. I wonder if that's a hint at the interconnectedness of the whole series and each season. I know Sr. Mary Eunace (sp) is showing up at some point this season. I was reading the latest EW mag and apparently there's a popular internet theory out there that there's a bunch of people around a campfire just telling scary stories, and each season is one of those stories. Not a bad way to tie it all up especially if the people around that campfire are the repertory players that have been in a lot of seasons.

There was also that random shot of Dylan McDermott (sp) in season 1 that showed him in an asylum. Granted, that may have just been a hint towards what season 2 would be...but there's always the popular theory on shows like this that all of the stories are in one demented person's mind. lol

Oh well...I'm not really that invested to try and "solve the case" like with LOST, so that's all I have to contribute to the discussion! lol

Mike V. said...

Star Wars VII - Since we've been sharing thoughts on the making of this movie...the title has been announced: The Force Awakens

More intrigued by what it means than the name of the movie. lol

SHIELD/AGENT CARTER - BTW, there was information yesterday about the premiere date of Agent Carter. SHIELD will go on break and Agent Carter will air in the Tuesday timeslot in its place starting January 6. SHIELD will come back in March just in time to hype up The Avengers.

MJ said...

SOA - Just let me say the 'you ain't got no pockets' scene was just cringe-making. LOL RIP Bobby. I knew something would go down but I thought Jax would have a gun in with the body. Could tell obviously that Bobby was trying to tell him something but that is why they broke his jaw. So while it wasn't shocking it did make me gasp at the how he died. And speaking of the body - Ewww! Cutting up two different bodies to ensure they were only giving him part of that pastor. Clever - but gross. Is it wrong that I was happy that Gemma is feeling the pain of all that she caused ? With little Abel watching/listening again to Gemma are they setting us up for Abel to do something horrible ? So now Jarry is a wackadoo - making Chibs prove he has feelings by taking her in the garage with Quinn watching ? Not liking Juice left alone in solitary with a weapon and drugs ? Just why did he put the drugs in the weapon any way ? And wasn't it a phone they were supposed to smuggle in to him ? Most surprising was Unser telling Jarry NOT to tell the club they know the ID of the chinese guy was bogus. Unser for once is not protecting the club. So who is the rat ? I can't figure that one out. I alomst fell off the couch when i saw 2h 5min on my dvr - not realizine that Anacrchy After was attached to the recording. Didn't even know they were doing one. If you're in Disney for finale then I should be going right after that. I think we go a week or two after you.

MJ said...

Navy - I don't bother to even compare how realistic it was. Have to say thought that the summer show Last Ship got alot of it right.

Richard said...

BBT, wow a really big deal with Sheldon telling Amy he loved her! But still wouldn't let her lie down on his bed--lol. And Stuart heading back to Debbie and leaving Jean was kind of creepy. And the whole I had sex with my cousin thing.

Blacklist--audience is still strong especially with dvr +7, around 20mill. But, they've got to cut back on the cheese and confusing open ended plot lines. Last year was better. There's evidence that Liz was a rookie last night or had 3 years experience, crazy!!


Mike V. said...

SOA - I'm not sure why I'm drawing a blank on the "pockets" scene. lol Yeah, it certainly was effective the way they took Bobby down and we probably would've expected something to happen in that scenario anyway. Not wrong to feel happy about Gemma. They have gone out of their way to show the snowball effect of her lying this season. It's going to come back in a big way!

The whole Chibs/Jarry thing was nuts! lol Loved Quinn watching.

I didn't understand the drugs thing with Juice either.

No idea who the rat either.

When I saw the time on the TiVo, I just assumed it would be an Anarchy Afterword, then I googled it. lol

Well if you're going to Disney 2 weeks after me it'll be Christmas! lol We'll be there 12/8-12/13 and SOA finale airs 12/9. There are streaming options and finally wifi in Disney World, so you never know! lol

BBT - Sweet scene with Amy and Sheldon. I thought it was funny that barely any of the episode actually occurred at the prom. (Well, except for Leonard and Penny). The cousin sex/Debbie/Stuart stuff may be creepy but it made for good comedy! lol

Blacklist - I agree this season has not been as good, hence my drifting off in the middle of episodes. They're still playing the traditional Network TV game and adding a lot of filler episodes in between the big sweeps episodes. But that's how the show is laid out. Procedural with a hint of mythology. Just comes with the territory. It's doing well, so I doubt they'll mess with the formula too much.

Scandal - It's been a good season! Liv outsmarted her daddy, but she's entering a bold war. Seemed like the next logical step for the show to pit them all against COMMAND. Should be interesting! Abbey storyline with the abusive ex from BSG was good too. And the senator dressed as a baby and crapping his diaper? hysterical! lol

And of course Huck's kid is a chip off the old block. lol