Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Walking Dead: Season 8 Episode 2 - The Damned

Hello friends and welcome back to our season 8 discussion of The Walking Dead!  This episode continued the offensive against the saviors.  The Alexandrians, Kingdommers and the Hilltopians (I didn't make the names up, they were on the episode description on my DVR) were all over the place making their move against Negan.  Things looked up and down throughout the episode.  We'll go through the highlights below.  Let's get to it!


We followed 4 storylines through this episode. Rick and Daryl were looking for the guns according to Dwight's instructions.  Ezekiel, Carol and the Kingdom crew were facing fallout from that urgent care mishap where a savior got away.  Morgan, Jesus, Tara and a bunch of red shirts were back at the compound looking to smoke out the saviors one more time.  And Aaron, Eric and some other Alexandrians were at another outpost takedown.

While it appeared that all missions were going successfully, there were some setbacks in all.  Rick and Daryl made their way through to their destination and split up.  Rick ran into some saviors.  One guy ended up being a father protecting his baby girl Gracie.  That was kind of rough to watch.  Then he ran into ol' Morales who we last saw in season 1 leaving the group with his family.  There's a guy I never expected to see again.  Oh and now he's a Savior!?  He cocked his gun and we went to black.  Who here thinks Rick will die in that encounter?!  (Okay, I'll wait for the laughter to subside.)

Ezekiel was preaching confidence as always.  Carol kept making faces like he's nuts.  But by the end it was kind of rubbing off on her.  They tracked down the savior who left a trail of blood.  Shiva ended up feasting on him.  The Saviors did get tipped off anyway, but Ezekiel still preached that they should move on and the team was all for it.

Jesus and Tara debated on the "take no prisoners" approach.  Jesus didn't believe that's who they were while Tara just wanted to get the job done.  It did backfire with this dude Dean who almost killed Jesus.  But still, Jesus spared him and then called for the Saviors to surrender at the outpost.   Meanwhile, Morgan survived very close gunfire and went into full rage kill mode.  (RIP obvious red shirts that talked to Morgan before his "I don't die" speech.)   Morgan was stopped from killing a surrendered savior.  I think it was the guy that trash talked with the Kingdom guys last season.  He questioned "who are we?" when Jesus did his "it's not who we are" reprise.

And then there's the outpost attack with the Alexandrians.  It was very clear that they were staging something to happen with Aaron and Eric.  Last season the moment we learned that Jesus was into dues I was calling Eric's death.  But somehow even though he got shot in this episode, he is making it to next week.  Will he survive or will he die a slow agonizing death?  I guess we'll find out next week!

Discussion Points

  • Are we supposed to be wondering "what befell this creature" as Ezekiel questioned on their hike through the forest? Carol dismissed it as "we don't have time to ask".  But it seemed to be a strange sidebar if it wasn't somewhat significant.  
  • I'm sure some would consider the opening and closing "close-up" shots of all the characters to be artsy and deeply meaningful.  I found it to be a little cheesy but to each their own! 
  • Rick was a little shaken when he orphaned that baby girl.  And then he stumbles into Morales right after?  I wonder if they brought this dude back just to kill him within one episode?  I guess we at least need to find out what turned him into a Savior and anti-Rick?  I'm going to guess that his wife and daughter died and somehow he blames Rick for that.  
  • Daryl stumbled upon a make-shift "cell" where there was some old food and a handcuff.  I though this might have been Daryl's cell but I don't think they're at the sanctuary are they?  I'm so confused about where everyone is in this episode except that compound.  
  • Scott Gimple mentioned on Talking Dead that the intensity will keep going through episode 4.  So stay tuned for more!  Hope you have your SH#%%ING pants on! (did we mention this was Negan's worst line ever?) 
Okay guys, I'm trying to be brief this season.  But, I'm still open to having in-depth discussions in the comments.  So, bring them on!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Jason said...

Hey Mike! It's been awhile!

This is Superj561. I changed my google account name a while back, and I figured it would be easier/better to just go by my first name anyway haha.

I actually won tickets to go to that Talking Dead premiere event last week. It was really fun, watching the episode with so many people was a crazy experience. I wish everyone didn't feel the need to cheer every time one of the cast members was asked a question on Talking Dead though. And I've heard it was more annoying on TV than in person, which makes sense. Since the energy there was so high, those of us that didn't like it at least understood where they were coming from haha.

Yes, the Savior that Morgan wanted to kill was Jared, the guy we all wanted to see eaten by Shiva haha. He is the one that shot and killed Benjamin when everyone thought he was going to kill Richard, given their hatred toward each other.

Yeah, Ezekiel's question of "what befell this creature" was interesting, it reminded me of when Rick saw the sick-looking walker in season 4 before the flu outbreak at the prison. I am guessing this season's story leaves no room for something like that, so I have no idea what was up with it haha.

Morales... it's been a joke for years that he's going to show up here or there. The only reason I'm not surprised it actually happened is because the actor always seemed so open and willing to come back. I am neutral on it right now, if they make it believable and make him a good character I will likely enjoy it overall, but I have no idea right now. I have to admit it would be kind of funny if they kill him right away and this was all just to get people to shut up about him coming back haha.

The cell was just similar to Daryl's, you're right that they are not at the Sanctuary. The plan they are following right now is the one Dwight suggested to them last season, which was to take out (or at least immobilize) the Sanctuary, which they did with the herd, and then take out each of the outposts individually.

MJ said...

Who the heck is Morales ? LOL I am hoping your recap will remind me Going to read it now.

MJ said...

Yeah - I'm sure we are all worried about Rick's death. LOL Jesus and Tara were fun - but Jesus better watch it - we all know what happens to you when you try to be moralistic in the zombie apololypse. And what did she say to him ' you may have Maggie's ear but Rick will listen to me'. LOL something like that.

Who is the chick with the arrows again ? yeah - didn't even recognize Eric or remember his name. LOL

Morales - yeah sounds right that he will blame Rick for death of his family - though it's stupid since as everyone had told me today he left the group of his own accord. I really don't remember him at all. And I have never heard any one wonder about him either.

I thought of Daryl's cell too but no they are not at Sanctuary. We know they had alot of other locations so I guess we are seeing some now.

Any one notice one walker was particularly gruesome ? Like weird gray stuff on his head or something.

Plumbarius said...

Amazing how many bullets those guns can shoot without reloading or changing magazines! Only saw Morgan actually change magazines during his killing spree.

Weird that Morales would blame Rick about his family (if they are dead). He voluntarily left with his family before the rest were heading to Fort Benning? What a coincidental plot device that Morales ended up 800 miles north just like Rick's crew and hooked up with the Saviors?? ;)

When Rick walked into that room and saw the sleeping baby after killing her father....WOW

None of the good guys (except Gabriel) are at the Sanctuary, correct? They are all taking out the outposts while the Walkers keep the Saviors busy at the Sanctuary.

I wonder who was being kept handcuffed in the room Daryl discovered?

Bye bye Eric...

MJ said...

Guy with the shaking gun was a hoot, as was the guy peeing himself. Didn't realize they guy Morgan and Jesus argue over was the guy who killed the kid Benjamin. Didn't even remember the kids name honestly. Not sure why Morgan has yet again changed his whole personality but I like this Morgan.

They rarely reload on tv and movies. Never have to use the bathroom either. LOL

Mike V. said...

Wow, you guys have been busy this morning! As have I, just not in the blogging-verse :) Good to see some good discussion going around! I'll probably be repeating stuff in my responses but I'm just going to go in order.

@Jason/SuperJ – Hey Jason, welcome back!

That’s crazy you were at the TD Premiere. People were going nuts at that event. I definitely observed that on TV. So I guess the big question is…was the audience as drunk as the cast on stage? Lol (see our commentary in last week’s episode)
Yeah…Jared…that’s him. He’s an ass…and judging by scene for next week he will continue to be! Riiiight…killed Benjamin. All coming back to me.

“What befell”….exactly, the show doesn’t really explore b, c, d plots too much. It was probably just an excuse to make Ezekiel chant some more ridiculously awesome prose. Lol

Morales – I actually never considered him coming back. Maybe in season 1 when he left I made a comment about it (I’ll have to go back and look) but then forgot all about him. That would be funny if they did kill him quickly and it was just a fan service thing.

Ahhh…I know they mentioned Dwight’s plan in the episode…I forgot Dwight actually discussed a plan with them last season. It would help to rewatch episodes but with this show I just have no interest! Lol (meanwhile with LOST and Game of Thrones, I may have watched the eps 3 times a week before the next one aired!....thrones really 2. But Lost?? I’d probably venture to guess 3. But then both I’d rewatch the entire series up to that point in the off-season)

Lol on Who is Morales..I see you have been educated since the question! Lol Too true on the moral center on this show. They always bite it! My question is…does there always have to be that moral center on the show? It seems like we cover the same subject every year and every other episode? Is it just the constant struggle between losing your humanity and regaining it that this show is all about? Yep…Tara did say something about she’s got Rick on her side. But I dunno…he just killed a baby’s father so who knows what state he’s in now?!

Yep, sounds like you and Jason are right on the other locations. It made no sense that it would be sanctuary since they “immobilized it” with the walkers. But, maybe instead of the close up shots of people’s faces for 5 minutes they could’ve given us a little exposition! LOL

Gruesome walker – was this the “what befell this creature” walker? Or a different one?

Mike V. said...

@Plumbarius – lol on loading guns. This show cracks me up with the gun fights so far this season. Just a lot of shooting guns. I get the limitations of TV and effects budgets and time to shoot (as Gimple pointed out to us)…but I also liked the Storm Trooper references on Talking Dead too. Only red shirts got shot even with Morgan at point blank range (I get it, he can’t die…he’s lucky and cursed. But come on!!). And that one Alexandrian that I don’t know his name got crazed in the arm. And yes..Eric predictably got shot. But not a lot of loading. I agree!

Yeah I was just speculating on Morales with the blaming Rick. He definitely voluntarily left. And Rick gave him guns, ammo and some food. Too funny on the coincidence! Lol

Yeah the baby thing was rough! Agreed.

I think you’re right on Sanctuary. Just Gabriel, Negan, Walkers and whoever is trapped inside sanctuary.

Don’t know who was handcuffed in the room. Should we be guessing or was it just a reminder to what Daryl went through?

Agreed on Eric! I think. He lived through the episode. So does that mean he survives or do we get a dramatic sendoff next week?


I agree…this Morgan is great. I think he reached a breaking point last season and now he can’t find his way back. He fought his urges so hard. Probably like a drug relapse but with killing people. Lol

Bathrooms on TV – I went a little further than I expected in my analysis of this comment. Lol Still waiting on Jack Bauer to go to the bathroom! I believe we got Hurley having bathroom issues on the first season of LOST. And Orange is the New Black had people trapped in porta potties for a whole season. And one of the guards really had to go. So we’re making progress!

Jason B. said...

I think I got a Blogger account set up, which seems to make the most sense here haha. It still says Google account though, so I guess they're connected anyway.

Well Dwight is at the Sanctuary still, I wonder if he has another objective there or if he just needs to survive like the rest of them. I still expect Eugene to switch back to Rick's side as well. I understood why he was scared of being caught if he left before, but now that the war has officially started I hope that he goes back.

Haha yes I did read everything from last week. No one around me seemed drunk at the event, I have no idea about the place in general though haha. I did notice Alanna and Christian talking a lot, didn't notice the jug though. What was funny was that on what seemed like every single commercial break, Alanna would immediately get up and run backstage. All of the cast members and even Chris were all over the place on commercial breaks though, it was pretty entertaining to watch. Most of the time they barely got back to their seats in time.

Back in season 6 of TWD I think I watched most episodes at least 3 times haha, I had a lot of time that year though. Then I started watching them just one extra time with captions to catch dialog and other things that I missed, and now I watch them with captions the first time and often don't watch the full episode again. But speaking of Lost, I have been watching it with my sister for her first time and we are almost through season 4. Watching it a second time is so cool, knowing the answer to most things but still having some mysteries/questions.

Your question about always having a moral center - one thing that's really interesting on FTWD is that you don't have that as much, especially recently. There are still characters with morals, but you don't always have someone telling everyone else that they should be or act a certain moral way. It makes for a much different dynamic.

Bathrooms - One of the actors on FTWD always complained about this and got the writers to include a scene with his character having to stop to go to the bathroom haha. I remember the story behind it on Talking Dead was pretty humorous.

Mike V. said...

Jason - yep, it should be the same. Google owns Blogger. :)

Yeah I would agree on Eugene switching back. I'm sure he won't be welcomed back with open arms though. But he IS a coward so there's that. And he did help Sasha indirectly. Interesting thought on Dwight. Maybe he does have a plan. Or he's just their inside man.

Yeah I guess if you're there to watch the episode you wouldn't want to be too hammered anyway. That's pretty funny with the commercial breaks. Nice to hear some of the behind the scenes stories!

I think I only rewatched season 1 of TWD. That was pretty soon after LOST and I was looking for my next obsession. It ended up being Fringe for a few seasons then Game of Thrones. That's awesome you're rewatching LOST. I find the show is more rewarding in rewatches because you're focused less on the mystery and just enjoying the ride! But nothing beats that first time watching with the crazy twists and surprises. I'll never forget my jaw dropping with the season 3 finale final moments.

Very interesting on the moral center on FTWD or lack of. Maybe that's how they try to distinguish the 2 shows.

lol on the bathroom stuff!

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