Monday, February 20, 2012

Alcatraz: Season 1 Episode 7 - Johnny McKee

Hello fellow inmates!  Alcatraz still has my curiosity peaked 7 episodes in.  Interesting criminal stories, interesting guard "story" and interesting surrounding cast that may or may not be involved in this mystery.    TV Guide had a good interview with the executive producers today discussing burning questions the fans are having.  It's mainly the stuff we've been wondering about.  Some of the mysteries introduced and what should be considered "season" mysteriess vs. "series" mysteries.  I recommend the read!  With that out of the way let's talk a little bit about tonight's episode!

Johnny McKee

Johnny is yet another in a string of super creepy criminals that resided in Alcatraz during the 1960-1963 timeframe.  He was not a big fan of bullies and seemed to get delight in watching them die via different forms of poisoning.  Concoctions he was able to develop due to his intellect and aptitude for chemistry.   His disdain for bullies stemmed back to his first and only female encounter, one Virginia Winters.  She had ice cream with him, told him she liked him because he was smart and brought him up to a roof for one kiss that would stay with him for his life.  Though, in the end, we found out she was setting him up for a great bashing by the jocks.  They laughed at him, they set off fireworks and even took away part of his manhood when a firework blasted his baby makers.  This caused Johnny to deform Virginia's face with acid and get revenge on jocks and bullies in the past and present day.  

Johnny was a fan of Jules Verne who was infamous for writing about future events that hadn't happened yet.  Submarines, and men walking on the moon.  Johnny's cell neighbor, Jack Sylvane (our first inmate from pilot episode) had a hard time believing that we would be on the moon one day (even though it would turn out to be 9 years later, regardless of conspiracy theorists still trying to discount the historical event).  

As always, our Alcatraz team went to great lengths to track down their killer.  Soto caught him on a viral video from a bar where he tended bar for a couple days.  He then gassed some people at a pool club where he posed as a towel boy.  They eventually linked his killings to Jules Verne tales and figured out that he'd be targeting an underwater subway between San Fran and Oakland (?).  He found a subway car full of a Basketball team and tried to gas them as well.  But Emerson and Madsen got there in time.  They caught him via a nice electrocution on the rails.  Case closed, for now! 

Mythology Talk
  • Johnny had several meetings with Lucy back in 1960.  She asked him about dreams and his past.  She had an awful amount of knowledge of Johnny's past.  He had revealed some of it to Jack but not in the details that Lucy knew.  I guess it could have been in his file, but with these shows I always want to suspect something else at play. Especially, when Lucy is an expert in memory extraction. 
  • Lucy once again promised that he could make his memories and bad dreams (of Virginia's face) go away if he would cooperate.  Once he cooperated by confessing his crimes, she then said she could work with him.  This whole memory extraction thing has to play a part with inmates not remembering things or following missions and not knowing why in the present day.  And due to that article I referenced, there apparently are warring factions between the 63ers.  So, some of them are intentionally not following their missions.  We will keep getting more and more information in that realm! 
  • In the present day we got a blast of realism (vs. Science Fiction) when Lucy wasn't in any better shape than she was in the hospital.  Beauregard didn't have any magical cures for her.  Lucy's methods that he was trying was all modern medicine.  Electroshock, acupuncture, etc...   I guess it could be considered "futuristic" medicine for Lucy and Beauregard.  But there was no resurrecting (unless she was dead when Emerson brought her in).  In any case, Lucy remains in a coma.  The doc recommends reading to her.   Which he eventually does, but lets' talk about Jack Sylvane first.

  • Jack Sylvane was interrogated by Madsen for the manhunt this week.  But he is still very confused about what is going on.  Emerson was very cautious in having Madsen interrogate him.  We confirmed that Soto and Madsen have no idea about this secret Alcatraz prison.  Madsen asked what prison he was being held at.  Emerson offered to bring him to her with mysterious guards.  She asked about Johnny and found out the guy was a nut about Jules Verne and THE FUTURE.  "The future is now".  Thematically, great stuff for this show.   It could turn out to be more, but we'll see!   But the conversation turned towards Rebecca's grandfather Tommy.  Jack knew all about prisoner 2002 who was in the infirmary a lot giving blood.  He also knew about a "hole underneath the hole" AKA the Warden's magical door (which apparently, answers are coming maybe by the end of the season.  Sounds even more like Lost's season 1 approach to the hatch more than ever now).   Emerson was not thrilled at the line of questioning and took Jack out of there, but not before he made the connection that Rebecca was a Madsen too.  (same eyes)
  • Jack requested a discussion with Emerson later on back at the new prison.  He was very curious about what is to become of him.  Emerson was clear in stating that Jack was a criminal then, he remains one today.  It didn't matter if it was 1963 or 2012.  Jack said that he has changed and no longer has dreams.  (memory extraction by Lucy?)   
  • This inspired Emerson to start reading to Lucy who IS still dreaming.  The book Dr. Beauregard had recommended was Metamorphoses of Ovid.  Anyone that remembers how I dealt with literature references in the LOST blog knows that I'll provide links, but I'm not going to get into further analysis!   Here is the excerpt that Emerson quoted too.
    "Of bodies changed to various forms, I sing:
    Ye Gods, from whom these miracles did spring,
    Inspire my numbers with celestial heat;
    'Till I my long laborious work complete:"

    Deep stuff.  Seems like it could be relevant, but too deep for me to dissect right now! 
  • Soto continued his pursuit of Nicki (Nikki) the coroner.  She continued to sport "Sandman" t-shirts.    Lots of cheesy lines here but my favorite was Hurley requesting Nikki to not say enchilada again with the cut open dead body present.  Good times! 
  • So Emerson speaks Chinese.  What's that all about?  Did I catch the Chinese guy handing him some kind of package?  He told Madsen/Soto that the man told him his "CHI" is murky.  But, he could have been lying about that, right? 
  • Not sure if there was any relevance to the Warden yelling "DING!" during Johnny's questioning by Lucy, but it seemed to scare him into telling her everything he knew.  Just thought it might be worth mentioning.  
And that's all I have for tonight!  Look forward to hearing everyone else's thoughts.  I'll keep hyping this up.  FRINGE is about to have a big episode Friday night.  Even if you've never seen an episode before, just tune in anyway.  You may be a little lost but in might inspire you to watch the whole thing one day.  We've been waiting for this episode for a long time!  And the show needs some viewers stat!   Also, check the top-right section of this site.  I have links to various ways to catch the Pilot episode of AWAKE.  Brilliant pilot episode of television.  Really psyched about this show.  

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits
  • This season I am recapping FringeTerra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz
  • WATCH NBC'S AWAKE NOW!!  It will officially begin March 1st at 10pm.  But you can already watch the pilot episode!  It's available for free online, on iTunesHuluAmazon Instant Video, and probably other On Demand services too!  I was blown away by the pilot and recommend you watch! 
  • Other shows that are being discussed in comments recently:  Sons of Anarchy, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, Dexter, Chuck, Shameless, Mad Men (March!!), Game of Thrones (April 1st!), among others.  Feel free to join in!
  • See trailers for the Mid-Season shows I'm looking forward to: Awake and Touch.  
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you in the comments of any of these blog posts.


Mike V. said...

I know we should start with Alcatraz commentary but OMG on HIMYM last night! lol I'm ready to talk as soon as my meetings are over today.

But, did anyone who watched catch the Conan O'brien "walk-on" part? It was hinted that it was coming but it was a blink and you miss it moment. My wife caught it (who is never looking at the TV instead of her phone lol) we rewound and it was most definitely him!

Episode was great and exceeded my expectations. Poignant and still funny after 7 years. They made it seem essential that this "CLOSURE" was needed for Ted to move on. And the "moving out" was a nice touch. Of course, there is still that lingering "not yet" from Marshall so who knows what that's all about. For now, I'll just say it's his optimism and he won't pay up until Ted meets the mother. lol

Okay, cue up some Alcatraz commentary!

Kevin said...

One impression I had last night that seems to be gaining emphasis is that all of this is largely a factor of Lucy's memory theories / experiments (possibly combined with some physical attribute requiring the blood...there we go with the cloning indicators again).

While some of last nights episode goes there (Sylvain's lack of dreams and McKee's questioning), ironically next weeks preview is what really caught my attention. An alledgedly innocent man was one of the '63s and supposedly comes back to an actual life of crime. Could it be that the mind experiments have the opposite effect on an otherwise "innocent" mind?

Mike V. said...

Hi Kevin!

Totally agree. Experimentation on Memory extractions and combined with he blood (which has only been Tommy Madsen's so far) are definitely a big factor here. I'm feeling less and less on the cloning right now because these people seem like the same people that were in 1960/63...but they just forget things. Of course, there's nothing saying that lucy wasn't able to replicate the memories she wanted "clones" to have if she is able to get them to FORGET things too.

You could be onto something there. Wasn't Sylvane convicted for a relatively petty crime? When he came out he killed the deputy warden Tiller and then went after his wife's new husband. There were no signs of him being a killer before. So, he seemed programmed to kill. Since then, he's been as cooperative as he can be and seems remorseful. Should be pretty interesting where this goes!

MJ said...

Hey Mike - I did a thing on HIMYM on Fringe blog!

Agree with all - the memory extractions and blood are all tied together.

Fun stuff with Beauregard telling Hauser to read and then seeming to give him a trashy novel to read at first.

As for teh water thing - it was thin to go from 'this can be aerosoed' to 'can it be put in the water?' to OMG he is going to poison our water. But I'll go with it.

hauser's discomfort when Madsen questions Sylvane was great - surprised he allowed her to question him at all.

It was very interesting about the 3's and triangles in that article. Have to try and look back now at the other eps to see triangles and 3's besides the 3's referenced in the article.

Smash: Eh - last night was enjoyable but nothing to really write about I guess. Ivy getting all clingy over the director seems off. She might not have ever been a star but she's been around long enough to know that he's totally stringing her along. She actually believes that gas line story ?!? Actually she's been around long enough to have known better than to sleep with him in the first place and then to think that he cares.

The assistant is getting interesting though. Would have sworn he was gay though.

Kelly said...

I'm still on the fence about cloning.. While it seems the more likely explanation (or possibly what they WANT us to think), why would they take one prisoner's blood? That's not exactly what cloning is- unless you want to create a buttload of Tommy Madsens.. unless he has sone universal properties to his blood...
Sylvane was convicted of a petty crime, but in his first prison he killed someone.. I think the guy was flirting with him or something. But yeah, he seemed to be more on a mission when he resurfaced, and now the wind has been taken out of his sails. He's realizing that his life has basically been taken away from him and perhaps he'll start to help "the good guys" in hoes of regaining some semblence of pride in his life.
So there's definitely a connection between McKee saying that he dreams about Ginny's face, and Sylvane saying he no longer dreams. Definitely has to do with the whole memory extraction stuff, what exactly what?? WHAT DID LUCY DO?!? LOL..
Thanks for the link to that interview! So now we have a mysterious island with a hatch, and at least 2 factions of enemies, or "prisonothers (prisothers?)" if you will (see what I did there? lol). I wish we got a little more mythology in this episode, but it was a good episode nonetheless. I liked McKee's story, and I loved how he wound up murdering the bully guy in Alcatraz instead of the intended target.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - I know you did on HIMYM and I responded and accused you of rule breaking!! lol (this is the Monday Night through Thursday blog discussion area! lol) I thought that was the simplest way to remember where to post stuff! :)

Yeah...the science behind the poisoning left much to be desired but like you, I just went with it. Agree on the trashy novel cover was funny too.

Yeah, I guess Hauser was more concerned on getting Johnny so he allowed the questioning as long as he could sit in on it. But still surprising yes!

Yeah...i don't know what 3s have been pointed out besides the keys. But i'll keep an eye for it!

SMASH - haven't watched yet...too much on Monday nights! But interesting that you commented on SMASH here but not HIMYM! lol

@KELLY - Agreed...the one prisoner's blood thing is throwing me off the cloning bandwagon too. I would think the most popular theory would be some kind of time travel. Cloning was just my (and other people's) theory to "work around" time travel. But the way they are discussing it in the all seems like they are "JUMPING" to the present day and on some kind of scheduled arrival pattern too. It may or may not be tied to this "magical doorway to narnia" below alcatraz. lol

thanks for the reminder on Sylvane...i forgot that he killed someone in the past too.

All good questions on the dreams/memory stuff...and I have no idea!! lol

No problem on the Link! MJ had linked to it in the last week's fringe blog or TWD blog so I figured I'd repost it! Nice on prisothers lol I do like where the story is going, but the ratings are pretty rough. Went down again last night! TV Guide thinks it has a good chance of renewal, but I'm not so confident right now! We'll see what happens.

MJ said...

TV Guide has a fall show grid that discusses what is likely to return or not. Nothing that we did not expect...

Mike V. said...

Yeah, that's where I read about Alcatraz being likely to be renewed (last comment). I was actually surprised by that based on the current ratings. Then again, the ratings ARE higher than Fringe right now, so who knows??

I still want to be more optimistic on Fringe that WB is going to want to reach that 100 episode milestone!

Leslie said...

Do I remember them also taking blood from Jack Sylvane in the first episode, or did I dream that? lol

Doesn’t seem like Dr. Beauregard has any sure fire way to bring Lucy back to life which is where I thought they were taking us before which makes me wonder about that other prisoner they killed. But, I don’t think Johnny is a goner for sure. I think Rebecca said he still had a pulse after he fell onto the rails.

I was surprised Madsen just let it go when she asked Hauser where Jack was being held, and he deflected by saying he would bring Jack to her. And, was it just me or did Hauser’s expression change when Jack was talking about the “hole beneath the hole” … either like he was more interested because it was news to him, or he was just nervous and didn’t want Jack to tell Madsen anything more?

Funny scene with Doc back in the morgue with Nikki. If he’s going to flirt with the coroner, he’s gotta realize he’s gonna see some stuff he might not want to!

Kevin said...

The other thought I've had on the collection of blood might be related to more of a cryogenic approach...maybe the blood was required to "reanimate" prisoners, and maybe Madsen was the only one in the prison with type O negative that could be supplied to the other prisoners universally...

MJ said...

I posted the link before I read your comment.

I agree on Fringe - I have lots of hope WB will want a full 5 years.

OMG! Just read this about the new season of Breaking Bad. Walter is getting badder ! Is that possible !?!

Mike V. said...

@Leslie -Jack talked to Tommy Madsen who was giving blood. Jack was in the infirmary for some reason, but I don't know if he was giving blood. I forget. Probably could look at my blog for that ep, but I'm too lazy! lol (Tommy was behind the curtain warning of strange things happening under alcatraz)

Yeah, Johnny definitely wasn't killed. I didn't imply he was did I? lol But agreed, Dr. Beauregard does not have any "life ressurection" technology. lol

We definitely don't know how much Hauser really knows. But one thing we do know is that he wants to know more than Rebecca at all times for whatever reason. So, there's a chance that he didn't know about the "hole beneath the hole" but he most certainly didn't want Madsen finding out. Given that he didn't ask Jack about it in his private talk with him later, I'm guessing he may know a little bit about this room.

All I kept thinking with Hurley and Nikki was..."Dude...I'm not so good around blood"....ahh LOST season 1. Good stuff!

@Kevin - Right...I thought about cryogenics too. Never associated the blood with it though. That would make sense that Tommy could be a universal donor. But would he REALLY be the only one at alcatraz? That would be an extreme coincidence! lol Maybe he's the only 0 negative inmate that they can trust with some secretive info. Of course, that can't be true if he was giving Jack Sylvane some clues!

@MJ - That's cool on the link. lol I just thought it was a coincidence that we both referred to it!

I haven't read about BB yet but I just assumed he would be getting worse! The show is all about how you can take a good person and turn him into an ultimately evil person. Vince Gilligan has compared it to Walter's evolution into Scarface. I know though...hard to believe that he can get much worse than what he's done already. But, I totally wouldn't put it past the BB crew to surprise us!

Leslie said...

Well, duh, I looked at your recap of episode 1, and you do mention the guy behind the curtain (we didn't know at that time it was Tommy) commenting on them taking Sylvane's blood, so I guess I remembered that right. And, no, you didn't say Johnny was killed. I was just adding the comment that Madsen said he still had a pulse.

Mike V. said...

Right, I think I figured out in episode 2 that it definitely was Madsen because he said he was prisoner 2002 and there was a mugshot of Madsen with 2002 on it.

Hmmm...I wonder if I heard that incorrectly originally and they were really talking about Madsen giving blood. Because that's what Sylvane said in this episode. I'll have to double check the ep. But thanks for checking my blog! :-)

Gotcha on Johnny! lol

Mike V. said...

Just thought I'd share news that our favorite Titus Welliver (Man in Black) has landed a lead role in an NBC Pilot: Midnight Sun...sounds dark and mysterious. Right up my alley. lol

MJ said...

Well - I forgot to post the Breaking Bad article ! Sorry. yeah - Walter White went down the wrong path with good intentions, but he likes it now. Last year was all about having the power and the respect - and not giving it up. he's def changed - and this article says that too, and more.

Maybe Tommy's blood is rich in Midiclorians. Couldn't resist that one. LOL

Mike V. said...

thanks for the link, MJ! Not sure how I missed that since I check that site every day. lol

And OUCH on the midichlorians!! lol Believe it or not, I did suffer through the 3D version of Phantom Menace a couple weekends ago. The 3D didn't help make it a better movie! lol

Kelly said...

OOOh my Titus is getting a show! LOL! LOVE HIM. Yes, he's 20 years older than me, but age ain't nuttin but a number, lol. As long as he doesn't do an Irish accent in this show, I'll definitely check it out! I also can't wait for him to guest on Grimm soon :)
Have my Ringer fans watched last night's episode yet?

Leslie said...

Mike, I went back to check episode 1, and they do show Beauregard taking blood from Jack Sylvane while Tommy was behind the curtain in the infirmary. Don't know if it's important, but thought I'd pass it along.

Anyone watch The River last night? Overall not as interesting, but still had some creepy moments.

Mike V. said...

Thanks Leslie! I'll make a mental note of it for future episodes. :) Still haven't started The River yet. At this point, with the ratings so low I'm probably going to be in a "wait and see" mode on that one. But it's all on my TiVo!

Kelly said...

I'm so mad, Leslie! My DVR didn't record The River, and I turned to ABC but thought that something else was on at the time.. I thought it was on at 10? Ugh.. oh well, I'll watch it on demand when it comes out today or tomorrow.

Mike V. said...

Sounds like someone may need my "SUPER TiVO"!! lol

And trust me, if I wasn't able to get money from all of my family members for it for christmas, I wouldn't have went out and purchased it on my own. But it certainly is a dream machine! :-)

Kelly said...

LOL Super Tivo to the rescue!
We're switching cable providers on Saturday, so hopefully my new box will be more reliable. My current cable company is pretty dumpy when it comes to its DVRs. I am waaaaay too broke to buy a Tivo right now!

Mike V. said...

My first DVR was a TiVo and I got it for Christmas the year LOST started. Needless to say, I was hooked and never looked back! With my first HDTV, though I wasn't ready to spend the money on a new HD TiVo so I signed up for Comcast's DVR. It was the worst experience ever! Froze all the time and just an awful user interface. Plus, I loved transferring shows to my computer and then to my "video ipod" (wow...who would have thought that would ever sound like ancient technology?? lol) ....So, I ended up sending it back and getting myself an HD TiVo! Now, I'm so deep into the TiVo brand there is just no going back. I have TiVos that talk to each other (When they want to cooperate) and then I transfer the shows to my Mac for blog screenshots. (again..when that wants to cooperate!) Plus, 4 shows at one time!? Um, that's pretty awesome. The only thing I wish I had was multi-room streaming. TiVo has just started it but you need all current models (premieres) for it to work. DirecTV you can watch anything that is recording on any box in the house on ANY of your other boxes. That's pretty darn cool. I'll just have to stick to transferring shows for now.

Anyone fall asleep during that little tangent? :-)

Leslie said...

I've got AT&T U-verse, but I don't know if that's available in the northeast. I'm in Texas. I love it because you can record 4 shows at a time. I got my first DVR from them just before the last season of LOST, but unfortunately, that first box died after about a year, and I lost LOST. :( But, the new box has been very reliable.

Kelly said...

We're switching to Verizon FiOS, which is apparently much better than my current company. And we're getting multi-room DVR.. I have a friend that is a total Tivo addict. You know those stick figure decals people put on the back of their cars? Well he has one for every member of his family AND his Tivo! LOL!
Leslie, I'm in NY and I don't think we have the option to use AT&T. It's just Cablevision (a regional thing) and Verizon. And satellite, of course. Where in Texas are you from? I have family in Dallas, and my two cousins are in a band that plays all over the southwest. I was just in Dallas last year visiting, had an awesome time!

MJ said...

Oh no ! You got suckered in by the 3D ! LOL I refuse to give Lucas any more of my money.

I have the Fios Dvr and love it. But make sure they give you the high capacity one (black boxes not silver) they an hold tons of HD - very large hard drives.

Speaking of Fios - Mike you still having problems with Fox during Fringe when the go to commercials? Cause I am. And it's other Fox shows besides Fringe.

Kelly - haven't watched Ringer yet. Sorry.

River: creep factor is still kinda high. All those birds, then the bugs. That Jael girl (spanish-speaking girl) is really starting to creep me out. And the vines with a life of their own.

Kelly said...

Yeah, I'm getting the heavy duty box (MWA HA HA!), my sister is taking the smaller boxes. Funny how you're saying the Fox channels are having problems.. didn't Verizon just have money battles with Fox? Then again, Fox has money battles with everyone, lol.

Mike V. said...

Kelly, definitely go with FIOS...much better than comcast except for the FOX issue MJ is talking about! lol

As for TiVo...I have a DVR Expander on each of my my boxes but this Super Tivo already olds 2 Terabytes worth of information. So it's 2.5 now i think. Anyway, I think I'm getting like 400 hours of HD now or something ridiculous like that lol Hence, why I'm recording all of these shows to burn through them this summer! :-)

MJ - yes, still having the FOX issue but I made Verizon aware of the issue and they supposedly were going to look into fixing it by last night. I actually didn't notice the issue with Glee or New Girl, so maybe it's fixed. FRINGE will be the true test.

BTW...I submitted the issue here too and referred to it in my talks with Verizon saying that everyone with WXTF was having the issue. So hopefully, they'll fix it for everyone!

Mike V. said...

forgot to mention that the TiVo stickers on the back of the car??? CLASSIC!!!

Leslie said...

Yes, when I got my DVR, it certainly raised the level of my TV addiction! I hardly watch any live TV anymore.
Kelly, I'm from the Dallas area. Lived here all my life.

MJ said...

Ringer : OMG! As soon as Juliette said into that phone 'it's your plan and it's fallig apart' I thought immediately of the mom. But then I thought maybe the real sibhoan ? But realized immediately that that made no sense so went back to the mom. the episode names continue to kill me ! LOL

I know how you like to reference people from other shows but I don't think you'd have caught these: Sean's dad was on Supernatural as Castiel. A fan fave who we all miss. Sean's grandma was on One LIfe to Live - sooooooo many years ago that I doubt you're old enough to know that. LOL Now that I think of it Sean's dad might have been on a soap too, and of course SMG was also - guess it was a soapy ep. ;-D

What puzzled me was this - real Sib telling Henry she didn't like Malcom working there and to watch him. Guess I am forgetting but how does real Sib even know about Malcolm ??

have to say - when it opened and Bridg and Malcolm were in the empty office I was like - who is this guy ? For 10 secs I didn't recognize him. Guess he'd been off for awhile, and now he's so well dressed. LOL

MJ said...

Fox/Fios - it still did it during Simpsons. I have to say I did not notice when I watched New Girl so I'm not sure.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I put in the request on Monday for them to check it out and they said it would be resolved Tuesday night. I noticed it during the Simpsons too (don't usually watch but I did this week with the 500th ep). Didn't notice it on Idol last night either and usually it's pretty annoying during that. So, it might be fixed.

I'm still going to wait until Friday to see if the glyphs are messed up. If not, I'll consider it fixed!

Kelly said...

Oh really Leslie? That's so cool, my family is more specifically from Arlington. If you ever hear of or see a band called Spoonfed Tribe, my two cousins are the percussionists :) Just tell 'em I say hi ;)
Yay Ringer! I figured something was up as soon as the mother told Andrew that she wanted Juliet to live with her. But yeah, as soon as she said that on the phone I KNEW it was the mother that was behind it all along.
I had heard that the guy who played Sean's dad was on Supernatural :) And Tessa's foster mom was on Sons of Anarchy- Luann, Otto's old lady who got killed. And while my parents were visiting this past weekend, my mom would say "Hey, that guy's from this show" and I realized that I totally get that actor connection thing from my mom, lol.
Shiv probably knows about Malcolm from John/Charlie.. and maybe she wants Henry to watch him because he and Bridget were onto John/Charlie when he kidnapped Gemma?
Malcolm's definitely been MIA since taking the job with Andrew, so yeah- I was surprised to see him, and looking so snazzy too!
Do you think the teacher really did beat up Tessa? Sure, he knew where she hid her money and he said he'd take care of it and all that, but he seemed confused when Juliet confronted him. And you know how it goes with this show! I wouldn't be surprised if someone else did it, but I don't know who would..

MJ said...

Wow - did not recognize foster mom at all as being LuAnn. Good catch. Good point that John/Charlie told Shib!

I agree - teacher seemed very confused when Jul confronted him. So Mom hired someone else, but who is probably the million dollar question.

Loved the foster mom's comments about Tessa though. This show just cracks me up !

MJ said...

Totally spoilery article on tonights fringe. Normally I avoid them - but couldn't help myself this week. OMG - so excited for tonight's ep

Mike V. said...

Thanks MJ! I read them last night too...couldn't resist either! Very interesting stuff...especially the Nina stuff.

BTW, it looks like you posted that link on an older Fringe post! :) lol

MJ said...

Doh! Thought I posted it on last weeks. LOL Friday-itus.

I'm sure you read the one on EW too so I won't post it.

Agree - Nina stuff was veeeery interesting.

have a great weekend everyone.

Mike V. said...

I read the one on EW and have been furiously commenting in defense of LOST on there. Seriously...what is wrong with people? Now they're pitting Fringe against LOST? They're both on the same team! LOL

Anyway, here's more scoop on Fringe!

MJ said...

Really ? Fringe against Lost ? This is why I don't read the comments - esp on EW.

But - this is right up your alley Twitter-King !

Mike V. said...

I just can't help myself. The guy was saying how Fringe is getting it all right where LOST got things wrong. They're 2 totally different types of shows!!! Ugh drives me crazy. But at least my responses are getting lots of LIKES! lol

Awesome with the twitter trends. Is that going to be enough to get you to sign up?? lol

MJ said...

Not ! LOL