Monday, February 6, 2012

Alcatraz: Season 1 Episode 5 - Guy Hastings

Hello Alcatrazians!  Well, this was probably the best episode to date and shows a lot of potential for its future.  In class JJ Abrams form, our main characters are more integral to the central plot than they even realized.  (This is why I have faith that Hurley/Soto will eventually get a meatier part in this story)  So Monday night television just got 2 times as busy for me so let's not waste any time.  To the Briefcap!

Guy Hastings

Well, we got our first Prison Guard story!  And it was Hoyt, of all people! Okay, yes I do watch True Blood.  And I only enjoy it half of the time.  Anyway, Guy Hastings turned out to be a pretty decent guy caught up in something big against his wishes.  He had a loving wife and daughter, Amy living with him in the Guard housing on Alcatraz.  He was a prison guard trainer.  And he did his job to the best of his abilities.  When Deputy Warden Tiller was suspicious of "green" Guard Ray and his relationship to inmate Tommy Madsen, he set things up to prove that Ray was there to do his job.   Obviously, there is more to that story and we'll get into discussing it in the next section. 

But basically, Guy was sent out by the "mysterious man/woman behind the 63s disappearance" to try and track down Tommy.  He went after Ray as he assumed Tommy wouldn't be far from him.  Ray eventually led him to Tommy's house that he grew up in.  And of course, Rebecca Madsen and Soto were hot on the trail.  

Long story short, Guy didn't find Tommy and got captured by Team Alcatraz.  He was given a chance by Emerson to see his daughter Amy who had a happy life with children and grandchildren.  Emerson felt sympathetic for Guy who didn't deserve the life he now has.  But, he would be taken somewhere.  To the make-shift Alcatraz prison?  Well, we don't know for sure.  But he isn't an inmate, so maybe he'll get different treatment.  But, unless they find a way around his True Blood shooting schedule, I don't see him being around too much! 

Mythology Talk
Lots of talking points here. 
  • It turns out Tommy and Ray are brothers! Ray assumed a new last name to join the Alcatraz Guard and try and break Tommy out.  Present day Ray told Rebecca that he eventually believed that Tommy killed her grandmother.  There has to be more to that story that we'll eventually be clued in on.  Why would Ray be trying to break Tommy out if he knew he was a murderer?  And if he supported the murder then why did he support it?  What was up with Grandma Madsen? 

  • So Ray turns out to be Uncle Ray to Rebecca and he was originally offered a job by Emerson Hauser 16 years ago.  Ray turned it down.  And now he has spent his life trying to keep Rebecca safe from the "Alcatraz mystery".  Looks like that's going to get a bit harder for him! 
  • Tommy Madsen did end up showing up to Ray but things have definitely gone sour in the present day.  Ray will do anything to protect Rebecca even if that means turning his back on his brother.  Maybe there's more bad blood that developed there that we don't know about yet. 
  • When Ray was Guy's captive, Guy started explaining the disappearance of the 63s.  He had to take his daughter to the dock and kiss her goodbye.  He was working in the North Tower and the fog came in and "took the stars away".  He was in the infirmary the next day and told about an accident that killed all of their families.  Most of the guards were in the infirmary and told that they were contaminated and couldn't leave.  And then, it wasn't 1963 anymore.  Hmmm
    • Based on that, I guess we can rule out cloning.  I'm still confused by the vials and vials of blood that Tommy Madsen has given up.  It was brought up yet again in this episode.  Tommy also seemed very adamant about getting Ray off of that Rock.  Like he knew what was going to happen and didn't want Ray to be there.   
    • I'm getting sidetracked.  So, this "JUMP" that Emerson keeps referring to must have happened.  They did jump in time.  Did they all jump at one time?  Where did they end up?  Where are the ones that aren't "RELEASED" yet?  It seems like they sent Guy out for Tommy who is "MISSING".   Did Tommy get away?  Lots of interesting questions coming out of this! 
    • After Emerson got off his "bat phone" (nice one Hurley) and started talking to his crew he asked them to check for seismic activity on the day the guard returned.  This would seem to suggest that they're coming back individually.   But then why would it be instantaneous for Guy?  Unless, they were all sent to different points in time?  Like a scheduled release of prisoners at various points in time?  
    • In any case, there was no additional activity that day, so maybe not.  But it did seem to be a big deal that Tommy is lost.  Lost in time?  Lost as in escaped from a present day captivity?  
  • So considering Rebecca Madsen has turned out to be a valuable asset to Emerson, it would seem she is going to start getting her way more often.  Maybe even get let into his circle of trust, bat phone, hidden prison and all.  
In any case, very interesting stuff going down on and around The Rock!  Loving this show!  But for now, I have said my piece.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts as well.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 

End Credits
  • This season I will be recapping FringeTerra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz
  • Other shows that are being discussed in comments recently:  Sons of Anarchy, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, Dexter, Chuck, Shameless, Mad Men (March!!), Game of Thrones (April 1st!), among others.  Feel free to join in!
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  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you. For a complete list by day, you can check out my "FALL TV" post.


Kelly said...

Isn't Guy's daughter's name Annie, not Amy?
Good episode, I like that they finally touched on the guards. But yeah, where is je going to be kept? Will he just be a guard in the new Alcatraz? They can't exactly make him a prisoner, though I guess he'd be a prisoner no matter where he stays.. since he can't roam free and all that jazz.
Anyone know what year and model Rebecca's car is? Sweet ride!
i was a bit underwhelmed at the revelation that Tommy and Ray are brothers. I actually thought that from the beginning, I guess I had failed to hear Rebecca say that Ray was "sort-of" her uncle in the first episode. Oh well, lol..
Ok, so Hauser wanted to know about the seismic activity the day that Guy "jumped". How do they know what exact day that was? Is it just the day he reappeared or something? Me confused!
I know they alluded to Ray working at Alcatraz in order to help Tommy escape, but Ray never really admitted that, did he? I kinda took it as he was suspected of wanting to break out Tommy, but in reality he just wanted to be closer to him.
Oh Mike, speaking of old out-of-commission prisons, me and a few of my friends are planning on doing a nighttime investigation of Eastern State Penitentiary in April.. we'll be camping about a half hour away and spending the weekend in Philly. My friend and I cannot stop thinking about the awesome time we had in Philly and I think she wants to move there as well ;)
In other news, Juice (SOA!) was on Hawaii 5-0 last night! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Finally!!!! We got a peek behind the curtain. So, "it was 1962 (or 1963?) and then it wasn't". Either he never got to elaborate on that because Rebecca and Hurley (he'll always be Hurley won't he?) showed up or these guys have been in "limbo" for 50 years with no awareness of the passage of time.

Very cryptic but at least they gave us something. I need more answers because without the underlying story arc this is just another cop show.

Thanks for the recap Mike. It's always nice to know if I missed something.

Bill B

Anonymous said...

Oh BTW, one other thing... it was mentioned that he took the ferry back to the mainland from Alcatraz after he reappeared (isn't that right?). Once again, I have a hard time believing that any of the Alcatraz returnees would get through that way. They'd be looking for them even if they had to close the island to tourists.

Mike V. said...

- Amy/Annie, potato/ tomato. lol I dunno. I thought the grand daughter was Annie but I could have been hearing things wrong. I'll tell you one thing, I won't be losing sleep over the typo if I'm wrong! :-) But thanks for the correction. lol
- Well, I guess Guy still did beat a man in the present day so (did that guy die? I forget. Sounded pretty bad when they explained his injuries). But yeah, he definitely shouldn't be treated like the criminals, but they have to hide him somewhere.
- I'm not a big car buff, but I did like Rebecca's wheels! Just can't tell you what it is. lol
- Yeah touche' I think I just thought Ray was Rebecca's real uncle from the beginning too. Good call. But, we still got some good intel there about Ray and how he formed an alias and went to try and break Tommy out. We'll see where it goes from there!
- No, Ray never admitted that he was trying to break him out. But he said something to the effect that he's always there for him or something. I just put 2 and 2 together. Maybe I shouldn't have! As far as Guy jumping...I guess they're assuming that the day he made "FIRST CONTACT" with the present day (i.e. beat up a tour guide guard or whatever lol) is the day that he "JUMPED" but i could be wrong.
- Nice on Eastern State Penitentiary! I actually have never been there. But I was just watching something in the past week where I think it was featured. Now, I can't remember what it was (TV show/ movie...obviously something set in philly lol) Of course, in whatever show this was...the prison was open and active! lol That's cool that you guys are still talking about moving there. It's a fun time, I won't try to lie! Of course, I get there less and less these days living the surburban life with a wife, kid, dog and mortgage. lol But my bro still lives there so I'm sure I'll be back soon!
- Nice on Juice! I sure do miss a weekly helping of SOA or Breaking Bad! At least TWD will be back this Sunday and that will go right into Mad Men's return! Woo!
- BTW - I know the River premieres tonight and I will be recording all 8 eps. Just don't know when I'm going to watch them. The Mrs. is absolutely out on them. Too scary. lol

@Bill - Yep, 1963 is when the mass disappearance happened. And yes, he'll always be Hurley! Right...they were either in limbo for 50 years or they just disappeared and reappeared in the present day or some other option I can't think of!

You should know from LOST, the show is going to stay cryptic for awhile. But they'll give us clues each week. They know they're running a procedural cop show here with an underlying mystery. They will always touch on the mystery. I wouldn't worry about it becoming a full-on cop show!

And yes, this time once again the guy showed up on Alcatraz. As we know from Jack Sylvane he was provided with whatever he needed to get off the island. I would assume Guy was given similar stuff. Yes, maybe they'd be looking for him, but Emerson's crew is pretty small from what we know. I don't think he has 24/7 surveilance on the Island. It's a very secretive operation. And I still don't think we're 100% sure that they're ALL returning on Alcatraz Island. Because yes, if that was the case, then they should shut down the prison and catch them all when they reappear.

No prob on the recap Bill! Thanks for reading!

Kelly said...

Oh yes, The River! I'll be watching that as well.. I used to be such a wuss when it comes to stuff like that, but AHS has given me more of a backbone, lol..
ESP is actually pretty beautiful, every cell is like looking into a different art exhibit, they all have their own stories. Maybe your bro will meet us for a cheesesteak, lol!
Yeah, I've been looking more into the suburbs in terms of where to actually live. I'm not a city dweller, so for me to like Philly as much as I did was pretty amazing!

Mike V. said...

Touche' on AHS! lol

Yeah, I've never actually lived in the city. But have always been within a 30-40 minute drive. Right out of college, it was closer to 15 minutes which worked out nicely! I'd vote for suburbs too. And yes, maybe my bro will meet you for a cheesesteak. He doesn't live very far from Pat's. Ugh, I've already gained too much weight since being married...if I lived 9 blocks from Pat's and Geno's who knows what I would have ballooned up to! lol

Mike V. said...

Season 2 AHS scoop (not much) on casting and locations. East Cost Horror Institution. Hmm...Eastern state penitentiary? lol

Leslie said...

I agree . . . really good episode! Although I felt like I did after some LOST episodes when, at first, it feels like you got some information, but when you start thinking about it, only more questions come up! I find it interesting that when Tommy murdering his wife comes up, no one seems to ask questions about why . . . even Rebecca. Maybe it’s just not important for the overall story, but you would think Rebecca would be curious about her grandmother’s murder! She’s a cop after all! Do we know how Rebecca’s parents died? I noticed when Ray took Guy to the gravesite that they died on the same day, but I don’t remember if they have told us what happened to them. It probably isn’t important; I was just curious.

There was an eerie description of the mess hall when Guy was explaining to trainee Ray that the mess hall was the only place the prisoners could be “free”, but that the ceiling was set up like a gas chamber just in case. Another little tidbit was that it was confirmed that Hauser is tracking Rebecca. That explains why he showed up so conveniently in the woods to shoot that one prisoner.

In present day, Guy said to Ray something like, “You saw what they were doing to Tommy – weeks in the infirmary – and all that blood.” When are we gonna be told about the blood? Inquiring minds want to know! Now we wonder how much does Ray know about the disappearance and whatever the master plan is? Ray sure was clear when he told Tommy in the present day that every moment he is near puts Rebecca in harm’s way and that if he sees Tommy again, he’ll kill him. Such a warm brotherly reunion!

Mike V. said...

Hi Leslie!
I agree that the answers only led to more questions but I dig that about JJ Abrams shows. It keeps me hooked till the end and sometimes even after. I too brought up that maybe the story behind Tommy's wife is an important one and we just haven't gotten to it yet. The fact that certain characters don't bring it up in conversation...that could be just a convenience to the writers. It happened in LOST all of the time! lol I don't think we know how Rebecca's parents died either. We may have but I forget if they did tell us. Maybe a car accident or something. Or it could be something bigger. Clearly the Madsen family is pretty involved in this whole conspiracy so there is room for additional stories!

Hmm, missed the gas chamber comment. Good catch! It could be tied in with this "FOG" that rolled onto Alcatraz Island on that march day in 1963. Obviously, San Fran is known for their fogs anyway so no one would think any differently of a TIME TRAVEL FOG rolling in! lol I did mean to mention Hauser tracking Rebecca. Lots of baby crying last night so I just rushed the recap. :-) But yeah, good point that this is why Emerson keeps showing up places.

Hmm, missed the gas chamber comment. Good catch! It could be tied in with this "FOG" that rolled onto Alcatraz Island on that march day in 1963. Obviously, San Fran is known for their fogs anyway so no one would think any differently of a TIME TRAVEL FOG rolling in! lol I did mean to mention Hauser tracking Rebecca. Lots of baby crying last night so I just rushed the recap. :-) But yeah, good point that this is why Emerson keeps showing up places.

Definitely the meatiest episode yet and lots to build on from here!

Leslie said...

I wasn't complaining about the answers leading to more questions...I like that, too! I didn't connect the gas chamber comment with the talk about the fog. Like you said, fog in San Fran is normal. I also noticed there was no mention of poor Lucy. Guess she's still in the hospital.

I plan on watching The River. Really curious about it after the previews. And, did anyone watch Smash?

Mike V. said...

You're right. No Lucy mentioned this ep or even seen in the past. I'm sure we'll get an update soon enough!

I watched the smash pilot on iTunes free last week some time so I skipped it last night. But I love it!

Kelly said...

Where's MJ? Ringer was so juicy last night!
So did anyone watch The River? I have to say, at first I was a bit put off at the whole shaky-camera thing. I get that it's the whole
"OMG this is happening right now and doesn't it make everything so much more urgent and scary?" But it was a little nauseating... and then I got used to it and really enjoyed it :) I won't spoil it in case people haven't seen it, but I will definitely tune in for remaining 6 episodes. I know I've mentioned it before, but I really do love the short order shows lately! Oddly enough, I never thought I'd say that about any show, but it really has proven to be a "less is more" kinda thing :)
OMG that would be awesome if the "horror institution" would be ESP! But I think I heard that it was going to be in Florida.... BOO!! We need love for the northeast!! lol :)

Mike V. said...

I think MJ got kinda busy this week. lol

I did not watch the River yet, it's recorded. As I mentioned...the wife is out on this one so I'm just gonna have to watch it on my own time. Don't get much of that right now so we'll see! I see myself doing a marathon viewing of the episodes at some point. But hey, if you want to let me know if it's worth it from time to time...that would be great! lol And feel free to discuss here. I'll catch up eventually.

Yeah...I doubt it will be ESP as cool as that would be! Lots of people are speculating a Mental Institution or something based on that flash of Ben in a nuthouse during the "birth scene"....obviously, the Harmons won't be involved in season 2...but that still could be a hint of the season 2 setting. We'll see!

Kelly said...

If your wife won't watch it because of the scare factor, it really isn't all that scary. A little creepy at times, sure, but after watching it I could TOTALLY go to sleep without it affecting me.. I think I was more scared watching AHS, actually. Some of the "shocks" are actually pretty predictable, so it wasn't all that bad. I never saw Paranormal Activity, so I can't exactly compare the scare factor between the two though..

Kelly said...

Keep in mind, I am a recovering coward, so I may find things more scary than others! Then again, I am fascinated by the supernatural (which is the type of thrills The River is going for- not the gory, slasher-type stuff that I still can't stand).

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the tidbits Kelly! I'll be sure to pass them on and see if that changes her mind. Something tells me though that the "scare factor" is just an excuse not to get into more television shows! LOL

Me personally, I didn't buy this super TiVo for nothing! I'm stocking up on shows for a rainy day! (including Justified's 3rd season)

Leslie said...

I watched The River. Kelly, I agree the camera thing was kinda irritating at first, then I got used to it. I have to say the creepiest scenes for me were the dolls. Predictable, yes, but it still worked! I'm hoping the short season may work like The Walking Dead with the quick pace and getting us pulled in and caring about the characters quickly. I will definitely tune in for the rest of the episodes. And, I'm looking forward to TWD starting up since I finally caught up on that over the holidays.

Mike V. said...

Looks like the ratings weren't too good for The River. :(

Mike V. said...

Leslie, good to hear about TWD! I think you may have mentioned that to me already, but still excited we'll have one more person watching and commenting when it returns! :)

MJ said...

I am sooo behind this week. busy weekend with my NYG winning the big game. Busy at work. Sheesh. We are all moving and I'm in temporaty digs that are very public so hard to screw around on the web right now. ;-D

I haven't read the recaps yet, but some of the comments.

The River was creepy as hell ! ugh - those dolls. And being pulled under water in ankle deep water ? Wow. Hope they can sustain it. And that captain guy who basicly says into the sat phone that the guy is alive and that he'll take him out if he's discovered something. Hmm - not sure that sentence made sense.

I'm behind on Ringer - again ! Sorry kelly.

Eastern state would be awesome on AHS - another place is a famous haunted hospital in Essex county NJ - I think Caldwall NJ. Ghost Hunters has been to both.

Anyone watch Smash ?

MJ said...

Oops - almost forgot. Emilie DeRace on Once this week !

Mike V. said...

MJ - i know the feeling with the "no privacy" thing. I just was recently relocated to a more public spot. I find my ways but it's tougher than my last spot! lol (still do a lot of typing in emails and then copying/pasting over here. :-) lol)

Still haven't watched The River so I won't comment!

Interesting thoughts on AHS!

Definitely ready to discuss SMASH whenever anyone else is! I watched the iTunes preview last week so I skipped on Monday. My guess is I'll usually be watching it on Tuesdays since I'm recapping Alcatraz on Monday nights. But, since I've been writing them quicker these days, maybe I can still fit it in on Mondays. :-)

Congrats on the Giants win btw! I was still bitter about the Niners, but I was happy to see them beat the Pats again!

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the reminder on Emilie DeRavin on ONCE. I remember when they first cast her as Belle and people on EW were all up in arms saying stuff like "but she's a blonde!!!" was like they had never heard of wigs or hair dye or taking liberties on what we all perceive as a typical version of a well known character! lol

Kelly said...

Ugh, those dolls were definitely creepy!! Then again, I find dolls creepy in general anyway. I could barely watch when the camera guy was trying to get that one doll to open its eyes.. because I knew that the one behind him would change and I was anticipating it too much! lol!
MJ, I totally know what hospital you're talking about. Ghost Adventures went there, too. I'd love to go there as well, if I could! I saw the ratings infor for The River, sucks that they weren't what ABC had hoped, but hopefully they'll either grow week to week or ABC will at least air all 8 episodes so we can at least close out the season.
I am SOOOOO glad I don't still work in NYC, or I would've been very stressed yesterday with the whole parade mumbo jumbo! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the Giants won.. since I'm a New Yorker and all that.. but man, I'm glad it's over so that I don't have 50 FB posts about football games on Sunday nights, lol!
Revenge tonight!!

MJ said...

Whew ! Caught up on Ringer and i watched Revenge.

Alcatraz: Well most of you have already said anything that I might have about Great Uncle Ray and such. I DO think the gas cans in the mess hall ceiling will def have some future bearing - why else mention them!

As for the discussion about whether Ray did or did not believe his brother killed their mothers I think that your comment 'Ray told Rebecca that he eventually believed that Tommy killed her grandmother' - the eventually says it all. He might not have thought so when he first sent to prison but later something probably changes his mind.

So - is Hauser tracking Rebecca due to lack of trust, or cause he thinks granddad will approach her ? I'm sure we will find out.

Smash: Very enjoyable show. I don't know where they are going with both girls - I actually liked them both. McFee does a better young innocent Marilyn and the other girl does the bombshell Marilyn better.

Ringer: Ho Bag! Too, too funny. I KNEW that teacher was bad - he was too nice to be for real.

It's getting a little comical how dumb all the men are on this show. How many of them are just not confused by why Siobhan (who they don't know is Bridget) seems to be so clueless about her own life and their relationships ! LOL I know - just a story device.

Henry needs to find a job if he has time to follow her around - but how awesome was it when he accuses Siobhan of bring Bridget ! For some reason I did not see that coming. I assumed real Siob would tell him who she is, not that he'd leap to her having to be Bridget. And I learned something new - twins do not share the same fingerprints.

Again with dumbness though - Siob says to Henry let's meet at our place in the village, but Henry never says to himself - hey, how does Bridget know where that is ?

I won't say much about Revenge until I know some have watched it - but jeez - talk about Daddy issues !

Modern Family - Cam and Gloria just MADE that show last night.

Mike V. said...

Well, obviously, I'll comment on what I'm caught up on! BTW - Fringe fans check out my twitter feed on the right hand side of the main page. Nice little clip of tomorrow's episode. And a reminder of another reason I think we're still in the same "timeline".

Alcatraz: Agreed on the "gas cans" comment, even if I missed mentioning it in the recap. lol Good point on Ray's "eventual" realization....not sure why I didn't put that together! There I go with my over analyzation again! lol Another good point on why Hauser might be tracking Rebecca. I think it could be a combination. He is keeping secrets from Rebecca so he wants to stay on top of her to see what she knows/finds out. But yeah, it could totally be about tracking down Tommy.

Smash: I just assumed that one would get the lead role and one would become the understudy. Obviously, the show is pushing for us to root for McPhee. But the other one is classically trained in Broadway so she's going to give her a good run! I read somewhere that someone suggested one will play "norma jean" and the other will play "mariyln" lol You never know I guess! I'm actually wondering about the downstream effects of a show like this. Say all the songs that are released this season for the "marilyn musical" are really catchy and end up forming a great story. Will they actually pursue REAL broadway and put this show together in real life? Seems like a no brainer if the show remains a hit. Of course, I thought the same thing about Aquaman the movie after Entourage had a whole season dedicated to the idea. lol

Modern Family: OMG, Cam and Gloria were hysterical! The whole coordinating cooking thing was fantastic! And the build-up to it was great too. Luke's female alias was pretty funny too. (can't think of what they were calling her. lol)

MJ said...

Yeah - i also thought it could be about the star and the understudy. The choreographer and the male song writer obviously hate eachother and I can see that they will each back a different actress for lead.

Yeah - don't know what i missed but Luke dressed as a gIrl was funny. As was Manny's fake story he was trying to use to help Cam and his mom.

That could be cool though - a real stage show that came from the tv show. A few years ago I'd have said that Broadway was too snobby to do that, but now since Spiderman....

Mike V. said...

And of course we haven't mentioned the obvious bit. The director guy is from Flashforward! lol But yeah, they definitely will fight for their leads. Should make for some interesting drama. Yeah...since Spiderman indeed. lol Did you see that rumor on EW last week that Zemekis and crew are looking into making "Back to the Future" the musical!? Not sure how I feel about it, but I guess I'm intrigued. You could definitely do some good 50s, 60s and 80s songs in there and maybe some originals. Still...pretty weird! You'd also have to look at the success that Darrin Chris (Glee, among other youtube viral videos) had on Broadway too. "SMASH" musicals could be a cash cow for broadway. I don't think they'd be too uptight for that at all!

And agreed on Manny's fake story. That whole storyline was hysterical! The other plots were decent. Phil always cracks me up, so him saying the wrong stuff around Claire is always funny. lol

Kelly said...

MJ, I definitely agree on your points about the stupid men on Ringer.. Shiv's boytoy in Paris is the worst! But the storyline is moving along well, I'm gadd Henry knows who Shiv and Bridget really are now, maybe he'll actually have a purpose on the show (besides being a total tool). You were definitely right about the teacher! I was on the fence about it, because like you said, Juliet seemed genuinely upset to see him.. and yes, every single person has different fingerprints, twins are no exception :) I was all up on forensic science in high school ;) awesome class, wish I could go back and take it again! *sigh* to be 14 years younger again, lol.
REVENGE!! WOOOOOO! Great episode last night. I really hope the writers don't want us to feel back for the Real Emily (Fauxmanda), because I really can't stand her. I mean, just the way she does her S's, makes me want to punch her! And the whole forced feelings that her and Jack have for each other- it just sucks that Jack doesn't realize that this ho isn't really Amanda. But whatevs, it was so cute that he really went to bat for her up against Victoria. And hooray! Charlotte knows who her true father is.. things are really starting to go full force, and I'm totally on board! I read the recap on, the recapper seems to think that the person who took Emily's box is Ashley.. I don't know, I really think it's Fauxmanda.. on the invite was written "Miss Emily Thorne", soooooo I immediately took it to mean the real Emily. Any thoughts on that? OMG I can't wait until next week! Everyone really wants Daniel to be spared, but I really want him to be the one who dies on the beach. I hate it when shows backtrack like that. People want to be shocked, people want to feel genuinely upset when someone on a show dies, but just as long as it's not the character they like? Come on! I hope the producers have the stones to kill off Daniel. I read an article with the actress who plays Ashley, and she said that they re-shot all of the party scenes, so they're a bit different. Grr.. me no likey. But we'll see, this show really hasn't disappointed me (yet), so I'm sure we'll be happy with whatever results we are given. WOO! One more week!

MJ said...

I did read that about Back to the future - could be intriguing.

Ah yes - he is from FF. I did mean to mention that. I still remember him from a very funny british comedy too.

I'm very excited for TWD's return. I avoid anything too spoilerish but there was a big headline that I could not miss that people will be dying. It has stagnated a little bit on the farm so I'm hoping that we get a little more exciting now. I think it will.

Mike V. said...

Agreed on TWD. I loved the farm scenes but I think it was all character exposition and setup for things to come. I think things are gonna get moving now. I have heard that there will be new characters coming too (ones featured in the graphic novels - that I haven't read).

Totally forgot the Grammys are Sunday night too...ugh..too much stuff happening on Sundays these days! lol

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah...and I potentially read a big inadvertant spoiler about TWD. Someone may have already been cast in Frank Darabount's (old showrunner) new television show. It might clarify who had the biggest issue with his ousting last summer. And it will be interesting if we find out that's why that person may have been written off. Of course, with shorter seasons, it might be possible to be involved with a couple different shows. lol

Leslie said...

Modern Family – That show always makes me laugh! Agree that Cam and Gloria were hysterical! And, I think they called their dressed up brother, Betty Luke. The whole storyline with Greg Kinnear’s character kissing Claire (and then everyone else) on the mouth and Phil being oblivious…SO funny!

Revenge – I usually don’t watch this until the weekend, but made it a priority last night since I knew it was gonna be a big episode, and I knew you guys would be talking about it! WOW! There is all kind of dysfunction going on with this family! I don’t like the Real Emily either and would be fine is she just went away. Loved it when Jack came in and called Victoria out! It’ll be interesting to see what the big reveal is next week.

Smash – I figure the blonde will get the part, then McPhee will have to come in as the understudy. When the blonde got sick, it made me wonder if she’s gonna be pregnant or something. I forgot about the director guy being on FF, but I also remember him from that British comedy, Coupling.

MJ said...

Wow - someone else who watched the brit version of Coupling ! LOL I adored that show.

TWD - yes I read that tidbit too so I know who you mean. Didn't know about his displeasure with Darabont leaving, just that he was reported to be cast in a new show.

Revenge: Poor Daniel and Charlotte - they are both just pawns any more.

I read the recap for Revenge on and they have several suspects on who could have shot Daniel. Ashley is one of them. That conversation that Conrad had with her about being so clever did seem to come out of no where. I think next week we revisit the Fire and Ice party, so we shall see.

They are trying to make us believe that Faux Amanda/real Emily dug up the Revenge box since the invitation left said Emily will attend - but I don't buy it. But who else would know where that box was hidden ??

Great episode though.

Mike V. said...

@Leslie/MJ - I did watch SOME episodes of the British version of Coupling! Never saw them all, but now that you mention it, I do recognize FF guy from it! lol

Interesting call on the blonde getting preggers! We'll see!

MF - Oblivious Phil is my favorite!

@MJ - TWD - I wasn't necessarily confirming that he had displeasure with Darbont leaving. There was just talks of the cast being very unhappy when he was fired. So there's a chance he was one that was pretty adamant. And the fact that he signed right up with Darabont for a new project...well...I'm just reading between the lines. lol

Oh and btw...Vamps (TVD) was pretty darn good last night!

Happy Fringe Friday!

MJ said...

TVD has been getting so compicated lately ! I didn't get to watch last night though. Mon - wed has so many shows that thurs is catch up for the not-must-see the rest of the week, so unfortunately TVD gets put off. I look forward to it though.

I think tonight's Grimm has Amy Acker (Angel) on. Friday is now brutal with 3 must-see shows all on at 9pm.

Heard both Fringe and Supernatural were down last week. ;-(

Mike V. said...

So crazy...Thursday used to be "MUST SEE TV" night and now it's a catch-up day for some people. It's still a busy night on TV for me though. Lots of DVRd shows. I just am watching less of them on Thursday now.

TVD definitely complicated but very interesting. My wife is very excited for the new EW to come in the mail since it's 1 of 3 TVD covers. But she's really hoping for one with Damon on it. I can relate (he is Boone afterall LOL)!

I know you didn't watch last night, but she showed up last week...not sure if you'd notice without IMDB (I needed it)...the MOTHER of Klaus and family is Young Eloise Hawking! (as in 1977 Eloise not 1954 Eloise lol). Good stuff.

Yeah, Fringe is in bad shape. I'm still hoping for WB to come to its rescue and try to push for that 100 episode mark (which would get us at least half of a season 5). The show is getting so good again though! I never thought it got bad, but I love that everything this season is finally coming together.

Yeah, Fringe is in bad shape. I'm still hoping for WB to come to its rescue and try to push for that 100 episode mark (which would get us at least half of a season 5). The show is getting so good again though! I never thought it got bad, but I love that everything this season is finally coming together.

MJ said...

The House cancellation could help bring back either Terra Nova or Fringe ! And I would think that WB would lessen the fee to get that fifth year.

I do NOT notice that their mom was young Eloise. Thanks for the 411.

I couldn't help but see some TVD pics today - another ball ? I'd hate to live in Mystic Falls - the cost of evening wear must be cost prohibitive. LOL

Well - moving to the final new location so will be without a pc rest of the day.

Have a good weekend everyone !

Mike V. said...

Touche' on the HOUSE cancellation. Of course, that's 3 Sci-Fi shows against a Medical Drama, not sure if it's the same thing. But yeah, I'm being optimistic that WB will do something to make season 5 happen. Hope so!

Funny with the TVD Ball...although I seem to remember them all happening in flashbacks! This one has a different twist to it. lol

Enjoy your move and have a good weekend to all!

Mike V. said...

Desmond is gonna be on fringe!! Woo hoo!