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Fringe: Season 3 Episode 12 - Concentrate and Ask Again

Hello Fringe fanatics and welcome back to another weekend recap of our Friday feature!  Last night's episode was great.  It had everything any Fringe fan would want from an episode.  We continued exploring major themes of the show, there was a freaky Fringe case that needed to be resolved, Walter's element of humor was at an all-time high and there was the continuing season 3 saga of Peter and Olivia.   We even got Olivia all dressed up at a black tie event!  No complaints here!  So, then what was my problem with the episode?  My problem was that I was laughing at the end of the episode and I don't think I was supposed to be.  Now not the very last scene, that I knew was coming and quite frankly thought it needed to happen to take the will they/won't they storyline we've seen far too many times to new and exciting places in the Fringe-verse.  (Come on people, we all know Olivia and Peter weren't going to get together THAT easily!)  My problem was with the scene that happened directly before that to add a little twist of drama to what was on that piece of paper.  Does the mythology of this show boil down to something THAT simple?  Does the fate of 2 universes hang in the balance of one Man's libido?  Say it ain't so FRINGE WRITERS!  Anyway, I may be more on board with this than I think, but it may have just been the way they decided to unveil this information to us that made me laugh.   But I'm way too detailed for my intro paragraph.  Let's get into the recap, but be warned, I don't have much to say on this one!   Here we go:

Fringe Case of the Week
This week was one of our regular Fringe Cases.  You know, it's a scientist guy's birthday and he celebrates it at the office.   Then he opens a gift from an unknown sender and it has a doll in it that sprays some bone disintegrating formula onto him.   And then he dies after losing his skeleton.  Very FRINGEY stuff! 

  • After an episode worth of investigation it turns out that there were 3 men who were lab rats for these mad scientists who worked for the US Military.   Their DNA was altered, being inoculated to the toxin,  so that when they moved on from the army and had children their altered DNA passed on to their unborn children who lost their lives and their bone structure.  So they're getting revenge on the scientists that experimented on them.  Pretty crazy stuff! 
  • The twist in this story was that when chasing lab rat #1 they ended up putting him in a coma after he got hit by a car running away.   (By the way, when did Peter get to be an experienced FBI agent who can run on icy/snowy rooftops without slipping and falling?)  

  • Walter starts acting all "Waltery" and realizes he can help.   He knew that one of his former Cortexiphan patients, Simon Phillips, didn't live too far away (well, actually he lives in Vermont.  Not exactly a hop, skip and a jump away!).  And he was well versed in the art of reading minds.  A gift the man was not happy to have.  
  • We learn that Walter kicked him out of the trials so that his secret of stealing Peter from the other world would not be revealed. 
  • We get a deeper dive into how Walter's crazy brain is working when the man meets him at gunpoint.  Bacon, crazy formulas, Raiden Lake, Peter's Birthday.  Just random pieces of important memories, science and food!  (Yep, that sounds about right)

  • Olivia is able to to talk with Simon without him reading her mind.  Sometimes cortexiphan patients are immune to each other's abilities.  
  • They do enlist Simon's reluctant help to come to Boston and read the coma patient's mind.  Lots of work went into making sure Simon didn't have to read too many minds along the way.   He went through a lot of pain to get information out of this guy's mind.  Olivia asked the questions and then Simon jotted down a bunch of random thoughts on paper.  The one that stuck out was PROJECT JELLYFISH.  Walter added that Jellyfish are unique in that they don't have a bone structure.  BINGO! 

  • This leads them to tracking down the remaining 2 men who have already sent another package to some scientists.  We see them testing their product for their final victim.   Some sort of bomb that would spray the toxin on many while targeting one man in particular., Congressman Jim Thorn (Former Senior Military Advisor to the Joint Chiefs during the time of Project Jellyfish).   Looks like we're off to a black tie event to catch the killers! 

  • Let me just ask you this, why on earth was Peter dressed in Black Tie even though he never went into the event?  Did we miss a deleted scene?  

  • This show was all Olivia and Simon.   Simon looked like one constipated mess while Olivia looked....well let's just say we wouldn't mind her dressing up more often!   Simon was reading some security guards minds who said Olivia was hot.  Good times.  

  • Olivia wasn't very subtle with tracking these guys down, once Simon figured out who they were, she shot them on site.   But, good thing she did with the bomb equipped guy because he was about to unleash the stuff in near proximity to the Congressman.   Mission accomplished! 

Mythology Stuff 

Some people may have felt that the Peter/Olivia stuff seems like the same conversation each week since she's been back from OVER THERE.  I thought there was enough uniqueness to the conversation to make it worthwhile.   There was some overlap with the FIRST PEOPLE stuff, so we'll just drop it all into one section here.
  • The episode opened with Nina going through William Bell's personal stuff at Massive Dynamic.  My favorite was that he had a book by Dr. Spock.   No doubt, an intentional pun! 

  • She unveils a secret safe and knows the code to open it (we learn and may have already learned that she and William possibly had a romantic past).  In the safe are matchbox cars, pictures of William and Walter from their younger days, pictures of Nina and William,  Oh yeah, and then another version of THE FIRST PEOPLE!  We had learned last week that William was investigating this as well.  

  • Olivia was summoned to talk to Nina at Massive Dynamic.  She got Olivia up to speed on her discoveries.  Several Books, different authors, different languages, all seem to translate to exactly the same thing.   She mentions the information in the books led them to recovering the pieces of the device.  (I think we already knew that)  

  • The conversation goes off on a tangent when Nina brings up that possibly Fauxlivia's journal would shed some light.  Olivia mentions she read it.  Then the discussion of how hard that must have been arose. 
  • Olivia discusses how Fauxlivia developed feelings for Peter and now she wonders if maybe Peter developed feelings for her too.   She wouldn't blame Peter if he did.  She was "HER" for awhile and said "She's like me but better.  She still has her mother and she wasn't experimented on as a child.  She can laugh, she has real friends, she even wears a dress once in awhile."   (Well, she resolved that last part this week!) 
  • Nina advises Olivia to ask Peter how he feels.  She and William never told each other about their feelings and she regrets it.  
  • Later on in the episode Peter buys Olivia coffee but ordered it the way Fauxlivia preferred it.  This triggered Olivia to ask Peter the question of if he still thinks about Fauxlivia. 

  • Peter says that he does but then goes into how he was manipulated, used, etc...  As for how he felt when he was with her, he states that he thought it WAS Olivia.  He thought that she was acting different because HE was bringing out those changes in her, the FUN part of her, the easier smile, etc...He states that he doesn't want to be with her more.  And that may be very true, but that doesn't mean there isn't a twist here!   And I think we all knew, well I did, that once we got a mind reader on the show we knew that some piece of information was going to be revealed about what Peter was really thinking. 
  • At the end of the episode, Nina makes a discovery about the FIRST PEOPLE books.  All of the author's names are anagrams for Sam Weiss in some form or another. (well, at least 2 of the books.)  

  • So, we have Nina going to our favorite bowling alley with our favorite bowling alley manager.   She wants to know what the device is intended for.   What does he say?  "I'm not your problem, Peter Bishop is."  He goes on to say that the device can be used as a weapon of creation or destruction.  (I think we deduced that already, or maybe we theorized on it)  Peter Bishop is uniquely tuned to operate it.  Yep, we knew that too. 

  • Here's the fun part I referred to in the first paragraph.  Whatever frequency Peter is tuned at will determine how the device reacts.  It depends on his state of mind which in turn depends on who he ends up with.  i.e. WHICH OLIVIA HE CHOOSES, it will be HER universe that survives.   REALLY!?!?!??   (Hold that thought)
  • Nina doesn't think there's cause for concern as she is convinced Peter will choose "OUR" Olivia.  Sam, isn't too sure about that. 
  • The scene cuts to Olivia who has a piece of paper with one sentence from Simon around what he heard out of Peter's mind.   The verdict?   "HE STILL HAS FEELINGS FOR HER"  (as in ....ALT LIVIA)

Okay, first of all...I think we all saw that coming, right?  We know that there is a strong chance that Fauxlivia is pregnant.  We also knew that Fauxlivia had some parting words to Peter indicating her feelings for him and Peter seemed to maybe feel that way too (but was so overwhelmed with information at the time)   This is a show that is hopefully going to be around for a few seasons.  I don't think they're going to jump right into giving all of the Peter/Olivia fans their cake just yet.  I mean, how long did it take for Mulder and Scully just to KISS on the X-Files?  At least Peter and Olivia did sneak in one of those, plus we saw Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv "TOGETHER" on this show, just with a little bit of a twist.   I am fine with this.  I love the drama.  It's all in the suspense of these things actually panning out.  That's where the REAL story is.   So bring me more drama! 

But come on, do we really need it to be the CENTRAL focus to the story?  I understand that maybe Peter's frame of mind may alter the way the device works, but to sum it up in his feelings for the Olivias?  That is kind of silly isn't it?   Why does Fringe have to make things so simple?  I think this audience is capable of digesting more complex thoughts!   Yes, (SPOILER TO PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T FINISH WATCHING LOST)  I know LOST all boiled up into LOVE and all of that, but there were a few more layers of thought at work there, right?    (END SPOILER)   That gets to what I was saying earlier too.  I think there are a few more layers of thought at work here too, but it was just in the delivery of those lines that it seemed laughable to me.   I don't think it will sway from my enjoyment of future episodes and I think they will justify those couple sentences.   I don't think there will be a lineup of Olivias with Peter weighing the pros and cons of which one he likes best and then he says "I CHOOSE YOU" and the fate of that Earth prevails!   Didn't Olivia make a promise OVER THERE that she was going to save BOTH Universes?   Didn't Sam say that this device has the power to CREATE as well?   So why does it mean that whomever Peter chooses determines the fate of one universe over the other?   

Isn't it possible (and I know we discussed this before), that this device was originally used to create these 2 universes?   Is it possible that they may accidentally create a 3rd one with the device?  The producers were recently asked a series of questions where they could provide Yes or No answers and when asked about "MORE UNIVERSES" they simply said YES.   That could mean they already exist or possibly we're going to create some more.   Even the Observer seemed to discuss more than 2 possibilities of actions and fates a couple episodes ago.   I'm totally rambling so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.   

So verdict?  I liked the episode, but the ending was just a bit corny for my tastes!  I still love this show and continue to think it's firing on all creative cylinders.   Can't wait to return to ALT-Land next week!  Let's get into some of the fun things from this episode. 

  • Glyph Code of the Week is HATCH (picture courtesy of Fringepedia as always).  Well, besides being an awesome reference to LOST, perhaps it is referring to Walternate's plan "HATCHING"?  Perhaps he was well aware of what he was doing when he sent Fauxlivia to be with Peter at the end of season 2. 

  • Observer Spotted! - We see him in a bird's eye view of the black tie event.  See him walking through the doorway? 

  • As I mentioned Walter was on FIRE this week.  Lots of candidates for Walterism of the week:
  • Walter: Why would anyone ever kill a scientist?  What did we ever do?
    Peter: Really?

  • "I feel nauseated.  I'm not talking about the body, I fear I may have broken wind inside my suit!"

  • "Do you think I enjoy eating greasy fried food?" as he keeps experimenting on eaten chicken wings to watch the bones disintegrate under direct exposure to the toxin. 

  • After Walter drove off to New Hampshire and ran out of gas, he tells Peter "Peter, bring your wallet, I don't have any money and I'm starving!" 
  • As Peter is filling up the gas tank on the old station wagon "Peter, don't spill it!  The paint on the car is very delicate!" 
  • I think the winner is the following though.  As he's explaining how important Simon Phillips can be to their investigation a blue Volkswagon beetle drives by:

    "Oh Look!" he punches Peter "PUNCH BUGGYYYYY!!!!!!!..............BLUE" 

  • Don't get me wrong, the urination at Simon's house was fantastic too, but that's not exactly a Walterism! 

  • Food of the week:  Bacon, Chicken Wings , Slushee, And some greasy sandwich!

That's all I have for this week folks.  Looks like I was able to ramble on for more than I thought I would! (what else is new?)  Another new Fringe next Friday!  Keep up the viewing when you can.  We need to get a season 4!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you some time next week! 

End Credits

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  • Upcoming shows I'm looking forward to: Game of Thrones (HBO), Terra Nova (FOX - Pilot airs in May but show begins in fall), Breaking Bad (AMC), Several JJ Abrams shows launching in the fall (Alcatraz with Jorge Garcia, Odd Jobs with Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn to name a couple)  Note: looks like Odd Jobs got moved a year out.  Not happy!
  • I know it's sometimes looked at as a blemish on my beautiful blogging record, but I am still watching American Idol and while I've cut back on my dedication to blogging about the show, I'm still posting some comments about the auditions on my latest post. If you watch the show, feel free to praise and make fun of the show with me!


gnni4 said...

Hello Mike! I missed the first letter - new it was ATCH, but was thinking Catch or Watch, I don't know what Hatch is. I saw the show rerun last night and Broyles said something about Peter having already gone inside to do reconnaissance or something. I wasn’t paying much attention until just after…I wished that I had the opportunity to rewind right then and hear what he said, but it presumably explained why Peter was in black tie. I agree with you that we may have missed part of the scene.

I really liked the Simon character. I think the actor was playing it like he was hearing thousands of loud booming voices causing him pain and illness, but the soundtract didn’t correspond to the intensity that he was showing. I wish he and Olivia would befriend eachother, that poor guy needs someone. I got the feeling that he and Walter had an unspoken apology/forgiveness moment, that he understands that Walter is also broken.

I agree with you about the Peter/Olivia central focus absurdity, and Walter was almost too on fire, some of his bits were almost not funny because they were written to be too funny. I don’t want Walter to turn into the one liner, ba dump dum, kinda guy.
Of course Peter still has feelings for Faux, but that could be feelings of resentment, anger, hatred, betrayal, lust. I hope that Olivia isn’t too hurt by it.

Mike V. said...

Hi Gnni! I can't believe you actually are looking that stuff up as you watch (glyph code that is)! I just look it up after. lol Ahhh...I missed that line if it was there around Peter doing recon. Thanks for the heads up!

I have a feeling that Simon could be a recurring character if they ever need a mind reader. You could be right about the unspoken forgiveness. That poor Walter is sure a mess but he definitely did some bad stuff back in the day.

I think there is enough "SERIOUS" Walter in these episodes to make sure he doesn't turn into Mr. Punchline. Maybe not in this episode in particular. The gas jokes may be getting a little less funny since they keep throwing them in. But the Food Cravings!? It has to happen every it! And if they can slip in a Punch Buggy every once in awhile, that's fantastic too. BTW, I totally missed that Walter did say "BLUE" after Punch Buggy...I was laughing too hard!

I think Peter's lingering feelings will only get more complicated if we find out for sure that Faux is preggers. But yeah...the whole thing about Peter having to choose an Olivia and that will factor into the fate of the world? Eh...don't think we really needed to go there.

BUUUT...One thing I didn't mention but LINKED to when discussing Sam Weis. That FRINGEPEDIA link ( mentions every episode he was in or referenced in. Lots of talk out in the twitterverse about an anagram that was on Walter's board in the season 2 finale (Over There part 2). The board said "A DEMONS TWIST RUSTS" which is an anagram for "Don't Trust Sam Weiss" and furthermore, that episode's Glyph Code was Weiss. Coincidence??? I guess the story Sam told at the end of this episode could potentially be a load of BS!

Guess we'll see! Thanks for the comment!

MJ said...

Yeah - Peter chasing anyone is ridiculous, never mind across the roof, since he has no legal right to stop any one. Good catch on Peter having no resaon to be dressed up ! Loved the Dr. Spock book - too funny.

The coffee made incorrectly was a little heartbreaking.

I was a little surprised to not have anything about Peter shooting the shifters from last week. Thought at least a little something between him and Walter would come up.

Glad i am not the only one who rolled her eyes at the which Olivia is chosen determines that universes fate. I had guessed that Peter might be put in some sort of position of having to choose a side - but not this ! Def a little lame. We shall see where it really goes.

Thanks for the Sam Weiss info - now I am very suspicious !

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Yeah and on top of that Peter yelled out "STOP! FBI!!" when he was on that roof top. I mean, granted...if he didn't get more responsibility on these chases, it kind of becomes boring. But he's even had guns in some of these episodes with no double takes from Broyles or anything lol Oh well....Suspension of Disbelief is a beautiful thing!

Agreed on the for the shapeshifters...yeah I figured there would be some fallout from that as's almost like it never happened. But I'm sure they'll touch on it eventually!

Yeah...Peter choosing a side is one thing...and even one of the Olivia's being a factor is juicy drama....but the way they worded it was just ridiculous! We just have to hope they add more to it...or Sam is lying or whatever. This show has definitely earned my trust so I'm just gonna roll with it for now lol

MJ said...

Agree totally - this show def has my trust and I am totally on board.

gnni4 said...

Come on guys, think waaaayyyy back to the pilot and remember that Peter chased a guy then, (and almost got him hit chasing him into traffic too!) he seems to be ready to jump right into the pretend FBI agent from the beggining.

My son has a code sheet of the glyph/alphabet, and we check each commercial when we remember. I keep forgetting to look for the observer, I just let you show me where!

MJ said...

gnni4 - you are probably right. It just seemed like in the past he was chasing with agents. Now he just seems to go after the baddies bt himself. Probably my imagination.

Both Chick and HIMYM were great last night. Won't say more in case you haven't watched them yet Mike.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I'm probably overreacting to the "Action Peter" thing. I know he was involved in earlier seasons too. But, it never stops being funny to me! lol And it just seems like this season it is more that it's understood that if the FBI is going on a hit, Peter is going to get a gun and be allowed to participate. But maybe it's just me.

Nice on the Code Sheet. I guess I could do that too but I'm just too lazy while watching the ep :-)

@MJ - Chuck and HIMYM both were AWESOME! Chuck was like old school good...well...then was HIMYM! So what do you think? Will Zoey be the mother? I think it's too early to tell.....but I did clearly hear that Robin was called "AUNT ROBIN" by Older Ted/Bob Saget...I know that this was said in season 1 before...but I hadn't heard it lately.

Here would be a funny twist but would probably annoy most of the fan base....what if Ted wasn't the father of these kids? And he's just telling them the story of how he met THEIR mother! LOL I'm sure there is enough dialogue over the past so many seasons to prove that Ted is their father...but it just came to me last night that that would be a hysterical twist.

MJ said...

No - that would be EVIL if they had Ted not be their dad. LOL I don't believe it's Zoe though. Marshall's family was hysterical - as was the whole 'mid-west polite thing'.

I'm not loving Zoe any way - but it's pretty much a given that no matter whom is picked some fans will be unhappy any way. Was glad it wasn't the katy Perry show.

I was joking with a friend about if they reveal the mom now how can they continue with the show's title. I said HIMY Mother, etc Or HIMY Mother - our dating years. LOL

And who knew about the General's past ! Dirty Blonde indeed. LOL Knew - just KNEW that when Sarah said I will not be putting on that bellydancing outfit that she would - but didn't think it would be like that. The Seduction-off was classic. But talk about unrealistic - poor Casey was stuck in the wall with chunks of it coming down while he waiting for Chuck and Sarah to get from Burbank to Morocco to get him out ?!? Yeah - that was some real suspension of belief.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I agree that it would be EVIL lol Just made me laugh when I thought of it. I agree though that it's probably not Zoe/Zoey (not sure if it's the LOST spelling or other lol). I have to say that I have liked the whole Zoe/Ted arc so I wouldn't mind if she's the mother. But I just don't know how the show keeps going after he MEETS the mother which makes me think it has to be the last episode of the show when he actually meets the mother. Or else, it's the last episode when we find out that a woman is pregnant and hence...THAT is the mother! lol Anyway, yeah Marshall's family was hysterical the whole episode. Marshall played a great long distance puppet-master. I didn't even get to your third line before throwing out my thoughts on how the show ends. But yeah continuing as THE DATING years would be funny lol I guess as long as we don't officially know if the woman is the mother until the show ends, he could be with them for awhile before we find out? Of course, if he is ever with anyone longer than a season then we're going to assume there will be a twist in the story and that will NOT be the mother! Yikes, how can a sitcom provoke so much THOUGHT? Oh yeah, putting the Series Finale premise in the title of the show!

CHUCK - One thing I never wanted to know about was the General's romantic history! But it was still hysterical. Twitter teases from Josh Schwartz plus the Chuck promos warned me in advance that we be treated to a spectacular outfit this week. (or BEST EVER as some suggested lol) But even when she said there is no way, we ALL would have known that she'd be wearing it. But yeah...the seduction stuff was great. Even all of Chuck's attempts to say "small no's" before the big no. Ahh good times. I had the same thought on the whole Burbank to Morocco thing and Casey in a wall. With a show like Chuck where we aren't meant to take that stuff TOO seriously....I think they can pull it off. With a show like THE EVENT that is trying to be taken seriously...stuff like that just seems ridiculous! lol But overall, great episode...seems like this back order of episodes may have some renewed energy behind them!

AUStarwars said...

General Comments First:

1. How did you not mention the Back to the Future parallels with the Note lol..i expected the note to say “the day I get back, you will be shot” lol

2. I like the fact that we are seeing more of Walter/Bell’s influence on the rest of the world/military applications, it builds a larger mythology that was never really touched on, but assumed in a way..similar to X-Files and the super soldier program

3. I love the Bowling Alley guy, Sam Weiss or whatever (loved him on Grounded for Life too), he is just a great character and I am glad is part of the greater show mythology

I think the episodes since the conclusion of the Faux-livia ones have been overall weak..I think they dropped the ball by not having the audience be along for the ride of finding the different pieces of the device, they easily could have taken weeks to assemble the machine, finding pieces and having them all linked to various MOTW episodes in those areas..kinda like the pieces of the device were mutating the people around them or something like that..imho it was just a missed opportunity for a continuing plot thread..but I guess the writers feared that they wouldn’t actually GET to tell the story they want to tell if the shows ratings went down, so they went this route.

Which really leads to the next point..the Peter/Olivia relationship..look I was never a fan of Peter or Olivia to begin with, neither of them are really “Mulder” and the fact that they shoehorned both into being “the most important things in the universe” is annoying to begin with, no matter how you look at it. I honestly haven’t been a fan of “saving faux-Peter from other verse” being the main reason for everything breaking down in both universes overall for two seasons now, but once you learn to accept something as cheesy as that, why not just take it a step further and instead of just worrying about the effect of one stolen child, increase it to that characters relationship issues? Is it really that much more farfetched or “terrible” of a plot device? So sure, I agree the “which Olivia will he choose” is weak, but I don’t think its any worse than “omg Peter is the only one to power this massive universe creating/destroying device” has been since season 2, and no one seemed to have a problem with that right?

Mike V. said...

AUSW - Welcome back! I'm going to have to take a deeper dive into these comments later (or tomorrow) but let me handle the first 3 for now:

1. Even after you saying it, I still don't see the parallel! lol I do love Back to the Future though! Check out my latest tweets on the right hand side of this site. There's a link to a t-shirt that is a BTF/LOST mash-up. I love it!

2. Agreed.

3. I love Sam Weiss too and I agree it's great that he's part of the greater mythology as well. But, I still think that seen was a bit cheesy!

Yeah, I thought season 3 would all be able finding those pieces of the device. I didn't think they would show one episode about it and then in the next just have them all. Interesting theory with the ratings. Could be true...or maybe they have bigger things in mind. bring up some really strong points with Peter/Olivia. I never thought the whole taking Peter from the other side was cheesy though. The fact that they have made Peter so important and tied to this machine is a good point though. I guess as crazy as that is can be related to the Peter choosing Olivias thing. I just hope they add another layer of explanation to explain why Peter is so unique. I guess we'll see!

MJ said...

Some brief interviews with some of the cast. Article not spoilery - but hinty that this week's ep will have all kinds of info dumped on us ! So weird hearing Anna Torv speak with that accent .

MJ said...

Regarding HIMYM - apparently I'm not 'keen eyed' LOL

"Marshall diagrams their love polygon with Clue character cards, identifying the unseen Captain
as Colonel Mustard. Keen eyes noticed that all the main players wore the colors of their Clue
characters for the entire episode: Ted, purple (Professor Plum); Zoey, white (Mrs. White);
Barney, green (Mr. Green); Honey (guest star Katy Perry), red (Miss Scarlet)."

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link MJ! Haven't been able to check out the video yet but I'll get to it eventually. Looking forward to tonight's episode. I'll be at a friend's house who doesn't watch Fringe, but the mrs and I have convinced them that we need to watch from 9-10. The things I do to keep this show on the air!! lol Good thing though, my TV lamp burned out again on the big screen. We knew it was coming but I was hoping to get by for 1 more week (new TV comes next Saturday). No way I'm going to keep buying lamps for this DLP! But anyway, I'll still get to watch Fringe the way it's meant to be seen. And I'll admit it...I miss the Alt-verse! Interested to see how things are progressing over there.

As far as HIMYM, did not know the Clue thing was going on the whole episode...that's pretty awesome! Once i saw that game board though...I recognized it in an instant! lol

I have to say, the producers said they were going to up their game this season and I think they have totally brought it. It's been a fantastic season!