Monday, September 30, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 9/29/2013 - 10/5/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  This will also be the place where we will dissect the series finale of Breaking Bad.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Breaking Bad - WOW, what a run! For the most part what I read after the finale aired was ultimately positive. They stuck the landing, the dotted every i and crossed every t! It was perfect! That's what I thought as well. Of course, there will always be detractors and I found some reviews that thought it was TOO perfect. SERIOUSLY!?!?! From critics I respect too. These shows cannot win for trying. They go too ambiguous, they get ripped apart. They get it perfectly right and well they hit it too on the head and it was too clean for such a messy show as Breaking Bad. Give me a break. Of course, I'm going under the assumption that us peons here will all have a consensus that the finale was awesome and I apologize for being so strong if I'm incorrect in that assessment.

Here's the thing...the last 2 episodes (before the finale) death with Walter feeling the entire weight of what he had done to his family and himself. They could have been finales in themselves had it not been for the flash forward of inevitability we know was coming. We always knew this story was the story of Mr. Chips to Scarface. Until this final episode (or the final moments of last episode), he had always been lingering onto the lie that he'd been doing this for his family. He was both Walter White and Heisenberg. The duality led to his clumsiness and his non-perfect execution of the necessary tasks. It couldn't have been more blatantly obvious when he was telling the ridiculous lies about gas on the carpet earlier this season (as Walt). In the finale, he had fully embraced who he was, and that he loved the thrill of the chase. He loved what he had become. He was for all intents and purposes: SCARFACE. Sure, he still had an emotional bone in his body. He still got the money to his kids, even if they won't take it when the time comes....he had a proper goodbye with Skylar where he stopped lying and finally told her the truth. We had a tearful moment with Holly. The daughter he really never knew. And yes...he got his revenge. And we all wanted him to get his revenge. If there was anyone worse than Walt in this story, it's Nazi's! And even Lydia turned out to be quite a villain. Going after Walt's family was the last straw. So kudos to Bill Hader for predicting that Lydia would get the ricin (and making me a believer lol).

For people complaining that the finale wasn't unpredictable enough, they absolutely subverted our expectations when he returned to town and went to see his old business partners (The Schwartz's). We absolutely thought he was going to go all Scarface on them for a bit, but securing the money and having a laser pointer on them from Badger and the other guy...ended up being both terrifying and hysterical. While they were never in any real danger, he used their fear against them and gave a pretty damn convincing speech about how they will die in the process. That is a man who has embraced his destiny. No margin of error left in this man.

Everyone had their final moment in this episode. Poor Flynn didn't get any lines but Walt watching him one last time was emotional enough. Walt got his affairs in order before marching on to his doom. He knew there was no way out of this. He had accepted that fact. But he wanted to go out as the man he knew he was: Heisenberg. And the conclusion was INEVITABLE. Not Predictable. A lot of us assumed this final showdown would go down in some fashion like this. Maybe not the details of an automated gun controlled by a remote, but we knew the gun would be used, we assumed it would be on the Nazi's. We figured Jesse would survive. And I at least assumed that Walt would ask Jesse to kill him.

Mike V. said...

But, the devil was in the details. Walt SAVED Jesse after finding out that he was their prisoner. Walt GAVE Jesse the gun giving Jesse the option to do with it as he pleases knowing the hell he put him through.

Of course, Walt was already on his way out due to some automated friendly fire. (btw...loved that he took Jack out not caring about the money anymore. That will be a mystery left for everyone to ponder about forever! 10s of millions of unaccounted money just out there somewhere in New Mexico. Also loved Jesse taking out Todd Jabba the Hutt style)

As for Jesse being so happy to be free after all he's been through....maybe an exaggeration but it was totally earned. No man has been s**t on more than Jesse, so he deserved a smile and optimism for where his story goes from here. He's the only one that may deserve a happy (in Breaking Bad terms) ending, and they made that absolutely clear.

Loved the last head nod between Walt and Jesse. There were no words needed. I'm not even sure what those words would have been. They have been through hell and something even worse together and they were parting ways for the last time.

How perfect was it for Walt to die in the meth lab where he was truly happy? Too happy an ending? Come on...this guy lost it all to become a drug kingpin. He's only happy in his own demented screwed up head. It only would've been more perfect if he had time to actually do one last cook. The song playing was "Baby Blue"...which I read and didn't know. The key lyric being in it "I got what I deserved". I don't mind the fact that he came to terms with the awful person he was and decided to go out on his own terms. As I've already mentioned several times, that already seemed inevitably clear from minute one of the first half of season 5.

I think we need to salute Vince Gilligan and the writers for so meticulously mapping out this final season. Each week I was actually nervous for them wondering how they could pull all of this off with the time of the series waning. And they never failed to disappoint. They got it all in there. This show will be a case study for future shows for how to close all loose ends. As Gilligan mentions, it's not possible for every show, but it was most fitting for this show. it was the tale of one man's journey (Mostly) which allowed for the story to be more succinct. So, it's virtually impossible to compare to a large beast of a show like LOST that was almost impossible to tame and pretty much had a life of its own beyond the writers' comprehension. (Obviously, I thought they did an amazing job with the insurmountable task ahead of them)

But, if you're going to go into a final season and attempt to close all loose ends...THIS is how you do it. And they did it in the most entertaining way possible. Loved it. Perfect episode, perfect series! And I thank my fellow TV Addicts for turning me onto the series a few seasons ago!

Mike V. said...

ONCE UPON A TIME - What can I say about this after a night purely dedicated to Breaking Bad? Well, I can say I watched and it was entertaining. lol The show has always had an issue with their use of Green Screen and suspension of disbelief due to the green screen. It was purely on display again. But, to tell such fantastical stories on television, that's something we have to accept. The worse thing is making Henry such a prominent figure for the first part (or maybe all) of this season. There's a reason they recast him in Mad Men, but I digress! I thought it was pretty obvious that the dude hanging out with him all episode actually WAS Peter Pan. I like that they're doing a twist on the tale by making Pan the villain (or at least seem like one for now). I like the fact that Neverland from a distance looks just like it does in Peter Pan the disney movie and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. (I've been in Neverland for the past year or so with my son. lol)

No big loss in the girl that Rumple/Gold killed. Forget her name too. Ethan Embry is still on the show. Still tough to picture him in anything that isn't Can't Hardly Wait or Vegas Vacation. lol Makes me realize how old I really have gotten!

So, jury is out on this season. I like that we'll be spending time in Neverland and the Enchanted Forest. Not sure what that means for the 2 people left in Storybrooke. I did read they will be revisiting it to let us know it still exists....we'll just see where things go.

Forgot to talk about Baelfire (sp) and that whole thing. Some amusing things there like telling Mulan they made a movie of her. And now he has that magic staff of his father's. I wonder if they're working on a way to easily move from world to world which would open up the "realm" of possibilities on the show and where it could go. And of course...more CGI!! lol

Did not get to Homeland or Revenge. I watched the pilot of Sleepy Hollow. The wife is out so I'll be free to catch up on my own. The problem is, I'm not sure I'm all in either yet. I may let some eps pile up for after my Alias binge. :-) lol

Watched The Michael J. Fox show and The Crazy Ones. Loved both of them. Even if The Crazy Ones is basically Mad Men: The comedy set in the modern era and both shows share Josh Wolk (the Lonestar guy still looking for his big break!).

Mike V. said...

Rereading my Breaking Bad synopsis....DEATH instead of DEALT? Good job Mike. Guess my fingers were already typing the inevitability of the show's end. :-)

David said...

Hey Mike! Remember me from the Friends and Lost days? Been a while! I just watched Once Upon A Time and wondered if you were still recapping shows so thought I would seek your blog out again, for old times sake!

Mike V. said...

Hi David, yes I remember! Definitely been awhile. I'm still trucking along here. Doing a couple recaps for now (Revolution, Walking Dead), but always keeping tabs on a bunch of shows in these weekly posts. If something earns "recapable" status, then I'll consider it. Of course, as most frequenters hear my complain about these days, home life has gotten increasingly busier so it's left me less time to spend on in-depth recaps. But, we have built ourselves a nice little community here to discuss our favorite shows. Feel free to stick around!

Definitely watching ONCE Upon a Time, and gave my brief thoughts above. I'm sure others will chime in as well. And will probably be watching ONCE in Wonderland as well. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well!

MJ said...

People are idiots. LOL Too perfect ? I loved the finale and was highly satisfied. Finally admits that he enjoyed being Heisenberg. Loved his walking around the Schwartz's house - so creepy. Loved that Jessie lived - and that he kept his own promise not to do what Walt tells him to do any more by not killing Walt. Loved that Walt left his 'mark' on the lab by leaving his blood on the machine. Also that technically the last person that dies due to Heisenberg's life choiices is Walt himself. I don't think I agree that Jessie deserves a happy ending - he's done some pretty messed up things himself and is not a very good person really - but I am glad that he got one none the less. I will miss this show so very much.

Didn't get to any other sunday shows - was catching up on last week's stuff. LOL

Parks and Rec - what a great ep. Loved Ron's wedding - and him following Leslie's trail to his fave scotch maker.

Michael J Fox - it was cute - pretty much what I expected. I couldn't believe some of the jokes they were making about his disease ! LOL

Crazy Ones - yup it was good. We'll see if they can sustain.

Bklyn 99 was better I felt. Meant to respond last week - I do know Samberg and d*** in a box. What I did not know is that Samberg is a producer on this one though.

Bridge - so surprised there was still 2 weeks to go after the incident at the bridge - always figured that the story with that weird guy who helps the girls was the B story and that that would be wrapped up first. But I'm enjoying it still. Seeing Marco so low was hard but the actor did it well.

Mike V. said...

Breaking Bad Links:

Vince explains finale -

Cranston/Paul Discuss Finale -

Mike V. said...

BB - MJ, figured you'd disagree with me on Jesse. I see your side too. He definitely did some bad things, but they were mostly out of some loyalty he felt to Walt. Walt was the manipulative monster that coerced him into most of what he did. Sure, he was already a drug dealer pre Walt...but he was always showing signs of reform. I think most people wanted Jesse to survive. As far as a happy ending...I did stress "in Breaking bad terms"....he's scarred for life obviously....but at least he's free of Walt.

Yeah..definitely left his mark....and depending how much they investigate that crime scene...they'll think he was still producing the blue...and his legacy will live on untainted. And Jesse will get away free. (even though I'm sure his prints are all over the machine. lol)
P&R - Agree...came back strong. Loved Ron's wedding as well and following the trail. Andy slimmed up for a Marvel movie coming out next summer...which is also why he's probably "hanging out in England" for a few months too. lol

MJF - Yeah...I heard they were going to address Parkinson's head on with humor. But he says it's the same way in his home life too. You just have to laugh at it. I love the one joke where he used Parkinson's as his excuse for getting away with something. lol Love that BUNK is in it too!

BKLYN 99 - Gotcha on Samberg. I don't think I knew that about him producing either.

David said...

I may well stick around! Only watching Once Upon a Time at the moment, will be watching Once In Wonderland when that kicks off! After Lost finished and FlashForward was cancelled I kind of stopped downloading and watching shows...watching Under The Dome at the UK's pace which is a bit behind. Was watching Homeland as well but fell behind in Season 2 so I might try and catch up on that! Never gave Breaking Bad a chance but I might jump on the bandwagon!

mj said...

Yeah -i do love Jessie but he was a punk drug dealer who was going no where.

I know you emailed me a few weeks ago with directions but i didn'tkeep yr email. You still got mine? Have a few funny BB pics

Modern Family - forgot i watched this too. Very good

Parks - yeah I knew the actor lost weight for another role, like how they mentioned it in the show

Mike V. said...

David, some people here watched Under the Dome this summer and discussed it in our "summer tv" posts. Of course, you need to be careful if you go back and read because you might see a spoiler. lol

All of the raves you heard about Breaking Bad are well deserved. Fantastic show! The series finale just aired last night. Seasons 1 through the first 8 episodes of season 5 are available on Netflix streaming (the final 8 just aired). Definitely worth your time!

Trying to think of any UK shows i've been watching. I watch Sherlock when it broadcasts over here. I have Orphan Black tivo'd, still have to watch. But a few people here watched that.

Homeland season 2 was pretty darn good. They went for broke, so I'm interested to see what season 3 is going to look like. Premiere aired last night, we'll probably watch it tonight.

Plenty of TV out there to discuss!

Mike V. said...

BB - MJ, He was a punk drug dealer...yes, but Walt sent him down the unredeemable path. That link I posted above with Vince Gilligan explaining the decisions of the finale go into it too. I actually brought it up before I read what he said. lol But, the writers kind of felt the same way about him.

I'll send you an email and you can send me the pics. lol

MF - Yep...still good! Of course, I'm still annoyed it keeps winning the Best Comedy Emmy. There are plenty of other shows that deserve it! I've heard VEEP is fantastic, but I haven't kept up with it. That's an HBO Go candidate one of these days. lol

Leslie said...

Dexter - Had a free Showtime preview this weekend, so I watched the entire last season, but I came here and read your posts as I went along (and MJ's). I think I enjoyed it more than you guys did with the exception of the last episode. The ending was kinda lame. I didn't expect him to dump Deb's body in the ocean! Won't people wonder how she just disappeared? And, the lumberjack thing? What was that? Once they knew they were going this way with the story, they should have just ended with him dying in the storm. It was like that last scene was an after thought. Like you guys said, a manhunt for Dex in the final season would have been better, but I still enjoyed the show overall.

Didn't see any of the new Sunday shows yet. Watched Modern Family and The Crazy Ones. Enjoyed both.

Mike V. said...

DEXTER - Leslie, I linked to this (you may have seen it), but the producers defend the final season/episode in this interview. You can choose to agree/disagree. When the consensus is so overwhelmingly against the's easy to see the fans were watching a different show than they were trying to put on screen! lol

As for the manhunt...their defense was they already kinda did that in season 2 and again in season 7 with LaGuerta, so it would've felt repetitive. I don't know about it. The lumberjack thing....i apparently missed "the tear" in his eye. So, he's a SAD lumberjack. DUH!! lol It just didn't work.

Here's my priority for things to watch tonight (that doesn't mean I'll get to all of them)

Sleepy Hollow ep 2
Sleepy Hollow ep 3

That would be a fun list to watch pile up as the season goes by. :-) But, I won't bore you guys with that! lol

mj said...

Veep is a goid show.

Leslie andbI just finished the brit show Broadchurch. was very good

Dexter -yeah the missing cop from the hsp would have drawn some attention. Technically his last murder was his own sister. Yuck.

Leslie said...

Dexter - Mike, thanks for posting that link again. I can see their point on some things. He obviously was a rare psychopath in that he did have real connections with Deb, Hannah and Harrison. I liked the whole storyline with Vogel and her son, the brain surgeon. The stuff with Masuka and his daughter seemed like filler. It even made sense that if Dex would have a chance at a life with anybody that Hannah would be the one, but once he decided he was going to sacrifice that relationship to keep them safe, his last kill should have been himself.

MJ said...

BB awesome montage.

I really like how in the end he does admit to Schyler why he was doing it. 'it made me feel alive' would be a very strong reason for someone who is terminally ill. I alsways forget that all this happened in 1 year - so he's dealing with having no fate or future as well as worrying about his family and legacy.

Mike V. said...

BB - 10.3 million viewers for the finale last night. Insane. the season 4 finale (with Gus's face off) had 1.9 million. This season averaged 6 million (doubling last year's) Netflix, positive word of mouth, an emmy win, and a 3 day marathon on AMC must've led to a miraculous gain in viewers. Unreal.

I'll check out that link thanks MJ! (well most of it took place in a year...but the final 8 episodes took place in year 2) It actually started on his 50th bday and ended on his 52nd bday. But's a good thing to keep in mind when thinking about the show as a whole, I agree!

Dexter - Yeah...I would've been fine with him "offing" himself. All of their rationale and the plot of the final season sounds great in concept but something was just off. Something that had been missing since season 4. What I see a lot in critics' reviews is that the final season had a "lack of urgency" really did. It was just progressing along like any other season. I think the problem is it overstayed its welcome and no one cared by the end. That's where LOST and Breaking Bad had huge wins.

May have to check out this Broadchurch show...everyone seems to be raving about it. Of course, once's time I need!

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Great episode! Loved the Princess Bride/Mandy Patankin references. Loved the running Kennedy Package gag (Thank you Linus). Loved Ted's list. Hopefully, people will be okay with Ted still needing to OFFICIALLY get over Robin. I'm fine with it since it was such a huge part of this show. And now, time has slowed down and he's dealing with this big wedding between his 2 friends. We have to see him transition from Robin's ex to Ready for the mother. Marshal continued his "I'm filming a movie so I can't film my scenes with everyone else" plotline...but it's still funny has hell...and at least they managed to get a scene of him and ted fighting in the apartment and referencing Andre the Giant in the Princess Bride. (such a good point too! lol) The nostalgic factor of this show is one of the reasons why I love it so much. These guys are basically my age so they have the same remembrance of their childhold. (I'm not naive enough to think it's just people my age...but I'm just saying from a personal experience lol). Anyway, interesting that Barney saw them at the carousel. Should be interesting to see how that gets resolved!

Revenge - Good premiere. Jack is P.O.'d! But, I think he's lying about his feelings for Emily/Amanda. Quite the plot they had planned on Mr. Grayson making him think he has a terminal disease. And Emily gets shot at the wedding! Always good to have that future mystery to work towards for this show. 8/8 is a good date for the wedding. Didn't click with me until I saw Nolan draw it in the sand. And then the other son (Patrick?) is Justin Hartley from Smallville! (the original Oliver Queen on the CW) Good casting. Good actor.

Unfortunately no Homeland for me yet. Didn't exactly watch things in the order I expected! :-)

MJ said...

Homeland : I watched the last 2 from Seaseon 2 before watching the premier - got to enjoy all over again everyones faces when his tape aired on tv. I understand the show wanting to show us the impacts to Brody's family - but having Dana try to kill herself? Ugh - been there and done that. Hopefully this doesn't get old as quickly as I'm thinking it will. And are we really going to go down the old Carrie is off her meds path again? They definitely confused me by opening with Quinn making a bomb. Felt bad for him when it turned out he killed that kid any way. Can't believe Saul betrayed Carrie at the end. But her story - that she was passed out in the bathroom for 14 hours was a pretty bad one. So who are the witnesses who saw Carrie leave with Brody? And who leaked her to the press ? And good ole Carrie - barge in to lunch in a very public restaurant yelling how Saul ran the Brody op. Guess that's part of why he decided to betray her.

HIMYM - loved Marshall having to gear up in Packers stuff and Ted in the old-time bathing suit. Him liking the scotch was funny too. But did NOT see it coming that Barney saw Ted and Robin in the park. But of course it was very moving with the 'last life lesson from Lily'. SIGH.

Sleepy - still good fun. Obviously the show does not take itself seriously but it is enjoyable somehow.

BB - correction on yesterday comment - the show rolled out of 2 years not 1. Oops - just saw your comment correcting me. LOL

MJ said...

HIMYM - I've accepted that Ted has to do this yet again (letting Robin go) - but not liking it. LOL Since they were given this whole other season I again feel that it will feel like he lets go of Robin Sunday and falls in love with someone else Monday. But - just my opinion. It's not going to ruin my enjoyment of the final season since I knew they'd do it.

Anonymous said...

Sleepy--watched MNF instead, great game until half--LOL. Will catch later.

Hell on Wheels--winding this season up soon--great so far.

BBT-need to catch up on.


Mike V. said...

BB - Nice. lol

HIMYM - Loved the stuff you mentioned too. As for Ted/Robin...yeah you're might feel that way. I just read an interview or something the other day talking about some key episodes coming up (they're always so forward about this) and one thing they mentioned was that in some flash forwards we may find out that it wasn't all just "happily ever after" after the meeting...they have real issues to work through and we'll get to see that. So yes, the meeting may be the key moment of the entire series, but it doesn't mean they're like star crossed lovers who magically fall in love in an instant. There may be a big attraction to each other and maybe he'll forget about Robin, but that doesn't mean they get married on Tuesday to continue your daily progression! lol

Also, there's an episode coming up at some point called "How Your Mother met Me"...that might be the key episode we've been waiting for to see all those "near misses" from the mother's perspective...namely when she saw him lecturing her class on his first day as a professor. (but losing the umbrella, and stuff like that)

And apparently episode 8 we're going to really love. 5 more to go before that. lol

Homeland - Couldn't resist reading your first sentence. Oh well! lol But yeah that sounds on par with where this show is going. The critics are really coming down on Homeland for still trying to keep Brody and his family involved when they could start fresh and have a now Carrie/Saul adventure. So, once again they're hoping that all gets resolved this season. As of now, with Brody absent in the first couple of episodes (so I've heard)....we're just focused on the Brody family and giving them plot for the sake of giving them plot. Can't wait to see some Chris Brody in action! lol

Anyway, I didn't read the rest of what you said. Hopefully I'll watch tonight. Of course with New Girl, Brooklyn 99 and Sons...something probably will be hitting the chopping block. Ugh..I'm hating the fall already! :-)

Sleepy - Still have to watch ep 2 and 3. But I got the vibe that it wouldn't take itself too seriously which is cool. Hopefully I'll get to it eventually. Still getting through Alias season 4 right now...then 17 episode season 5 after that. Still no car accident!! lol

mj said...

Lol on the tuesday progression.

Homeland - well my first sentence gave notjing away!

Alias - i have one little point to make about the car accident but now I've asked so much itsbgonna be dumb. Had no idea it happened so late in series.

Mike V. said...

Homeland - Maybe 2 was about Dana. lol

Alias - Yeah...I'm thinking I haven't seen it yet. But maybe I have?? Not sure. I'm enjoying it, but really just want to be done with it now so I can move onto other stuff! But, I'm not quitting! lol

MJ said...

Do NOT read if you did not watch Sons last night. Was 1.5 hours so thinking you didn't stay up.

SOA - I was just saying last week that Sutter's only problem is with killing off main characters. Now I know that not all that died were main - but damn! Phil and some guy I swear I've never seen - but ew with the 'hands off' symbology. And yet again tig lives. Him and Clay really do have 9 lives. At least they are making him smart enough to be asking Jax if they are good. LOL Bold of Clay to give Otto his only protecton for himself, and cannot believe that Torig would be that stupid around Otto. I mean - come on - Otto killed his sister by being given an object and having his cuffs removed - so Torig does the same thing ? Thought Torig would be around longer - but RIP Otto and Torig. I know that August has to be his own man but to go exactly where Pope would not go seems foolish to me - but what do I know ! LOL Surprised by the current turn that the Sherriff actually believes Nero was being set up. SO did not see that Tara was behind Wendy's lies to Gemma - but glad that Uncer is going along for now. Guess he really meant it when he was upset that the boys could have been with him when the skin heads came calling on him. But LOL - Taras face when Gemma called them her kids. I guess that's one way to get rid of hot guns Jax - mow down your enemy, leave the guns making it look like they did it to eachother. And Chibs is right - Jax is truly becoming Clay.

mj said...

Shield - still enjoying. Surprised to see Samuel L on the show!

Still no Revenge or Once. Lol

Mike V. said...

SOA - You're absolutely right. once we saw it was 1.5 hours we rolled our eyes, virtually flipped the bird to Kurt Sutter and gave up for the night. lol

I'm sorry, I know the show is intense, but this is getting ridiculous. There are absolutely scenes or minutes of scenes that could be edited down. Not every moment of the show is essential viewing. And Kurt is unable to do it anymore. It's pretentious. I'm sure something really important happened in last night's episode. But come on!! Who has time to watch a movie every tuesday night?

Anyway, maybe we'll get to it tonight...but we still didn't watch Homeland either and I personally need to stay on top of Revolution. lol

SHIELD - Yep, still entertaining. Nice cameo at the end indeed. A couple more references to Coulson's "dreamy" vacation or whatever. lol All cryptic for now but yeah something is definitely up there. The core cast isn't anything to write home about yet, but hopefully they'll improve over time.

New Girl - Great episode, intense with Schmidt's dilemma. Poor single Winston and his 5th wheel dilemma. Was pretty hysterical watching him try to hold the "community" table down at the restaurant. But the best part of the episode was the end when Nick and Jess were ranting off Schmidt's possible ammunition to break them up. Nick saying he's not sure he knows how to read, he just memorized a lot of words had me busting out laughing for awhile. lol

Brooklyn 99 - Funny once again. Nothing in particular to discuss! lol

Mike V. said...

BB - Damon Lindelof discusses how he will stop defending LOST due to the Breaking Bad finale. I'm about to read it but I'm guessing it's going to be something to the effect of "if Breaking Bad is also getting flack for its's impossible to win so why even defend it?" And I would absolutely agree. You just can't win.

Mike V. said...

So I was wrong about why he came to his conclusion...but I did see all of his retweets from Breaking Bad finale night. They were pretty hysterical but also ridiculous. I can't believe how many people still hold a grudge over the LOST ending. And how many people still don't understand the ending (but think they do). Oh well...maybe I need to let it go too. lol Guarantee there will be a summed up version of this article on EW within the next hour. lol

Leslie said...

Great article! I've seen those comments after the BB finale about LOST and Sopranos. Crazy! The sad thing is that the negative comments have more impact on him which I guess is human nature, but you can't ever make everyone happy. (I have to remind myself of this, too.) I'm glad he acknowledges all the people out here who loved LOST. This brings to mind a quote from Pretty Woman, "the bad stuff is easier to believe".

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, one reason I like your site, Mike, is that everyone is allowed to have an opinion and no one blasts you for it or calls you names like you see elsewhere! Now, post on the wrong page, well, that's another story! lol

Note: Off my soapbox now...just struck a chord with me, but I toned it down quite a bit! Lucky for you guys! lol

PJ Carz said...

Mike, Leslie and other kindred spirits

Thanks for alerting us to Damon's comments. (Since I am the only person in our universe who didn't watch BB, please bear with me. I understand the gist of the story, and how the ending went.) So I get the context of Damon's remarks.

It is hard to believe that people still rag on the LOST ending. I was surprised but positive about it the first time through. Now, it makes sense.

Love this community.

Anonymous said...

Shield--Team forming up, but I'm not crazy about it so far. Coulson's lines seem a bit over the top sometimes. The cameo at the end was great. It would be interesting if they had a few other great cameos!! I don't like that Ward is supposed to be a real BAD A and yet seems like a puppy with Maya. Isn't Coulson his SO. And really, Maya was just supposed to be the bus driver--but we were all supposed to know that wasn't true. Seems kind of like a cliche.

Almost Human--was that on before, is/has anyone seen it/know about it?

I know REvolution recap will be up later, but couldn't wait to say, to me, this was a good ep, maybe even great.


Mike V. said...

SOA - Definitely felt there was plenty of things that could be edited out of that episode! And yes, Sutter has a big problem with killing off main characters. I figure that Happy will be the next to go since he wasn't an original cast member. Still, it was entertaining for as long as it was. And yes...RIP Otto. Jax is definitely getting annoying, but that's obviously the point! lol I'm hoping they killed off enough people to get back down to an hour episode next week! But, somehow I doubt it. lol

Lindelof Article - Glad you guys liked the article! I actually was shocked at the positive comments he got for it. There were surprisingly not many haters on there. Of course, I had to dip my toes in the water and do some defensive commenting still. lol But, it was nice for a change to see so many people praising the finale and the show. The minority is so loud and it doesn't help that some critics start looking back not as fondly on it now.

Anyway, glad you guys love coming to the blog here too. It's definitely a nice little respectful community we have going on!

Almost Human - Richard, no that's a new show from the people behind Fringe (i.e. it's a Abrams/Bad Robot show but J.H. Wyman has his hand in it. Might even be the whole Fringe production crew for all I know) Looks good, but doesn't start until November. I definitely will be watching.

SHIELD - Yeah, I could go either way with the show right now, but I'll keep watching for now.

Revolution - Agree...season has been pretty darn good so far. Love that Rachel is still in Juliet's LOST attire. lol Anyway, I'll recap it probably tomorrow morning sometime!

Mike V. said...

SOA - Funny, I was talking about how Donal Logue was going to be more involved in Vikings this season. Didn't realize that's why he got killed off so soon on SOA. Makes sense.

Leslie said...

PJ Carz, you're not the only one who didn't watch BB. I didn't either. And, we have Mike to thank for setting the tone on this blog.

Mike V. said...

I cannot recommend Breaking Bad highly enough. May as well wait until the final 8 eps are available on Netflix and you can fly right through the whole series. Great great show!

Modern Family - Not its strongest episode but Phil juggling the divorced women was pretty funny!

Still have to watch Homeland and Nashville. TVD and The Originals start tonight along with everything else. No idea how I'm going to find time for all of this. Maybe, I can convince the Mrs. to stay up past 10 to watch Scandal!! :)

MJ said...

SOA - alright grandpa ! LOL I don't want a single thing edited out of these shows. Watch it now ! ;-D

New Girl - uh-oh! Nick and Jess are in trouble. Nick was right to be afraid of vengeful Schmidt.

BB - I don't read as many comments about things as you do but are that many people unhappy with the ending of BB? Really ? It's in my top 5 faves. People are idiots. LOL - which is why i avoid most of their comments

Lost - as you know I was one of those who straddled the line on the finale. It wasn't that they didn't answer things, it seems to me that it really was that they made so many things seem so important and then they turned out not to be. We all went so nuts - our own doing mind you - trying to have meaning to every little thing that really meant nothing. So many red herrings. But I long ago made my peace with it and totally enjoyed my rewatch we all did last summer. And I think alot of shows learned from that blowback too and are not putting so many false things in their shows for fans to get excited about. But - you do get people who just won't let it go so they will still bitch.

Leslie - LOL on the posting on the wrong page comment !

Shield - have to laugh Richard cause everything you said is true - but i feel that way about every comic book made into a movie or show. All the lines tend to be over the top and most of the stories are cliche. I just roll with it, it's like Sleepy Hollow - good clean fun but i don't have real expectations like with Grimm or Fringe, etc.

Almost Human starts next week. Is similar to a show my husband watched a few seasons ago - think the name was Alphas. Oh wait - I just read Mikes answer and realized I was confusing it with Tommorrow People. Horrible name !

Modern Family - agreed. Loved the dead cat/not dead but married/now widowed funeral. And Whats his name in the air ducts.

Still no Revenge or Once. So many other things to catch up on. I still watch NCIS and Bones (LOL) so was checking them out. For some reason I can't seem to work up my excitment for Once and Revenge. I'm sure once I watch I'll be back in though.

Mike V. said...

SLEEPY - Just saw it got renewed for season 2 already. Wow. lol That's quick for a network show!

SOA - Grandpa...nice! lol I DID watch it!!! My comments are above. But, there definitely were scenes that could have been edited. If I need to see JAX back his motorcycle into a parking space one more time this season I may throw something at the TV!

New Girl - Yep! lol

BB - There are not many "FANS" upset with the BB ending. But critics won't shut up about it. They just think it didn't follow the trajectory of the 61 episodes that preceded it. They thought Walt got off too easy for the monster he became. I don't think they are processing the series or the episode correctly. We saw Walt's demise in the 2 episodes prior. He had accepted his fate by the end and chose to remedy some of his mistakes, and go out on his own terms and as Heisenberg. I see nothing wrong with that. It's actually perfect. Most fans would agree. There are a couple sticklers....but it's mainly the critics...and that's on podcasts and reviews I've read. On the podcasts, I find myself yelling at their uptight "holier than thou" attitude on the subject.

LOST - I don't think they were all intended to be red herrings though. I think they legitimately thought they were going to proceed in certain directions at one point. The Outrigger being one big example from later seasons. Walt being a big example from season 1. Libby at Santa Rosa in season 2 another. But logistics just didn't work out for it to go that way. And upon my rewatch, I found that there weren't that many loose ends that really needed to be answered. I know I asked questions that were never intended to be questions...and I think we all did. The very existence of my blog was part of the problem of LOST. We talked about every single detail of that show and expected answers for it all. That was just unrealistic. And I made my peace with that going into the final season so I wasn't disappointed at all. But yeah...we've discussed all this I'm just gonna can it. lol

SHIELD - Agree with everything said.

Almost Human - Yeah...this isn't until November (i.e. post Baseball playoffs). Something tells me they'll be marketing the hell out of it during the playoffs and NFL games. lol

I watched the pilot episode of Bones and enjoyed it...but I just never got into it after that. lol As for Revenge and ONCE, how do you think Revenge piled up on us until the summer? We just couldn't get to it and when we fell behind a few episodes there was no way we were going to until later. ONCE, yeah...I enjoy the show but there are parts of it that annoy me too (i.e. the bad green screen stuff, Henry, some cheesy dialogue etc...) But I try to get past all of that for the ideas they're putting forth in the show. There's always potential for some decent stories. But, I can totally see how you might be unmotivated to watch.

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - I see they're capping this season at 13 episodes too which makes the season 2 order make more sense. Fox has been a bit ahead of the other networks with trying to adopt the cable model. This may inspire me more to catch up.

mj said...

Soa - i knew my comment would get misconstrued. I meant watch it - don't mess euth the show. Lol

Sleepy - wow, season 2 call!

Lost -exactly. We made things questions that should not have been. And yes - the microscope that was used by all of us was insane

Bones etc - i need to have shows where I don't have to retain it all. Lol. middle age is a b***h.

Bridge - you watch the finale yet Leslie? I enjoyed it. Marco is getting dark though. And if that gut is not FBI the what? He was creepy with all he knew about her and Fausto

Mike V. said...

SOA - lol ahhh my bad! :)

LOST - Insane, but extremely entertaining! :)

Bones/etc - Approaching middle age isn't much better! lol I need the same. Last night all we did was watch Nashville, Big Bang Theory and The Crazy Ones....Still haven't watched Homeland!! But, no AMC show this Sunday, so maybe we can swing a double header.

I'm guessing tonight will be Scandal. Maybe TVD. lol I think we might be out on The Originals. Just not enough time!!

Leslie said...

MJ - Amen to that...I watched Bones last night and shows like it (Criminal Minds, etc.) so my mind can turn OFF, not ON! TV is an escape! But, what are you calling "middle age"? I hope I don’t live that long! lol

Bridge – Yep, watched the finale this week. It was kind of a non-event for a finale, but it does set up the next season. Good show. I’m so behind on shows right now because of my Dexter marathon last weekend. Will have to do a lot of catching up this weekend!

BBT - Totally cracked me up last night with their scavenger hunt! I'm not sure which pair was funnier...Howard and Amy singing Neil Diamond or Bernadette pushing Leonard or Penny figuring out the first clue and waiting for Sheldon to finish the damn puzzle! Then, no pay off in the end because Raj made them all winners! lol

The Millers – Of all the new comedies I’ve watched so far, I think this one has the most potential. The biggest laughs I got were when the mom was trying to get up the sleeping pill she just took and kept talking! And, when she criticized her husband's technique in the shower! Hysterical!

Have y’all noticed they are doing previews on the comedies this season? Maybe it’s just CBS, but you usually don’t get those on the comedies, and I wish they didn’t give away their funniest bit. Would rather be surprised.

Mike V. said...

BBT - Agreed it was hysterical. All the pairings were funny, but I gotta go with Howard and Amy and the Neil Diamond stuff. lol

Didn't watch the Millers yet but I did notice previews for next week on sitcoms. Definitely strange. Loved The Crazy Ones again this week. I'm sure I'll get to the rest of them over the weekend.

Have a great wknd everyone!